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Elfdoll Tinies: Anyone Have The Hideaways?

Oct 1, 2006

    1. Hi!!
      I was thinking about getting a little hideaway for my new Efldoll tiny elf. These are the hideaways from here http://www.bjdollarama.com/Elf_Dolls_s/251.htm (the 3 on the top row)
      Does anyone have own or has had one? I was intersted in if you like them, which one you got, and if you think it was worth it. Anyone know who makes them? Ever seen one second hand?

      Sorry for so many questions, but I just got my girl today and I am really excited. I couldn't find anything on a search so I thought I might as well ask around.
      Thanks!! ^_^
    2. they r cute and don't look to hard to make. if u'd like i have an elfdoll tiny, i could take a shot at making one? with all the accessories shown too
    3. Really cute!
    4. I think she had them made especailly for her ;)
      they are so cool ,Ive never seen one for sale on the secondary market

      which Elf did you get ?
    5. From her sig it looks as if she got Winky.
    6. Lol Durrr
      thanks sweetie
    7. Yup I got a winky! I love her soooo much! Thanks for the info on the hideaways guys. I think they are soo cute! I wonder if anyone out there has one and what they think of it....
    8. For some reason, they never appealed to me...they remind me of 70's doll accessories a bit.

    9. That is so funny because that is why I like them! I love the Herself the Elf stuff! I think it would be great for my little girl. I really like these too.
    10. Have you checked out the 1:12 scale miniatures and dollhouses? the scale is perfect for this size doll. i have a fairystump that is really cool that i am making twig and leaf furniture for while i am saving for a Sylph or Adel to come and inhabit it! and last year i built a haunted house for a friend's tiny, i think it was a Min Del Re. perfect size. it even had closets and dressers with working drawers. Hey, the dolls need a space of their own right? and someplace to store their cloths!lol:D
    11. That's is really nice of you ! Thanks!! ^_^