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Elfdoll Tinies Doona Discussion

Jun 1, 2007

    1. From this news thread:

      On the elfdoll site:


      OMG OMG OMG!

      A tiny version of SOAH? Out on the 10TH???
      I must delay my ordering of joong just to see whether this will be *the one*
      I really hope she has a sweet, asian look like Soah does :D I wonder whether they'll be more child like, or will they be like the other elf doll tinies *hopes its not too child-like*


      Why do companies do this to me?
    2. Holy Cow I nearly bit through my lip!
      I have to admit ...Im hopeing she is a tiny Elf size

      Im not keen on fashion dolls or tinys like them although I love to see them ..and I love to see Uyoo .especially the elves
      I had a Metal and I just know they arnt for me
      ...so if she is like Uyoo , That style .. ....Im safe ...I think
    3. I can't wait to see Doona maybe she'll be the model I'm looking to be able to fit in all the Silkstone line clothes I own
    4. Oooooh, now I'm really curious to see what Doona will look like. Wish there was a teaser pic or something. Only 9 more days of waiting.
    5. I'm hoping she's like Hana xD
      Or maybe like the OD wols?

      I'm putting off buying my Wol until I see Doona. If she's the one then I'll have to delay wol (poor thing).

      Next Sunday that is :D
    6. AIEEEE, they release this the DAY after I order a aod !
    7. I can't wait, I can't wait. I hope she's a tiny version of grown-up Ryung but if she's a child version I'll likely want her too.

      And I'd squee myself to bits if she has the Hana-style faceplate concept.

      :aheartbea Ryung :aheartbea
    8. it looks like she's a baby version...

      dang that second pic, that looks like a real baby, good grief. he is an amazing sculptor.
    9. Isn't he just??!! That mouth is utterly amazing. Yep, she looks like a baby! Cute as all get-out!

      I think I'm safe though ;) *whew*
    10. Anyone know about the rabbit avatar and I agreee with everyone else he's a super talented sculptor
    11. Oh wow .... I may just HAVE to get her, the cute and the beauty is amazing
    12. :lol: I noticed the rabbit too.

    13. the rabbit is awesome ..Im still waiting for the pictures to open up ...if its a baby ...Im doomed
    14. Im doomed :D
    15. You and me both i just love bunnies
    16. giggles
      Bunny Luv

      I went over to his Cyworld group ...but no pictures ....I hate being teased ....so cruel LOL
    17. Oh no! This is not good! :love

      What is with all the companies releasing special dolls in June? Does anyone care to take a guess at what these babies would go for?

      Also, can anyone tell me who that stunning brunette doll is in those pictures? Whoa mama, she's beautiful!