Elfdoll Tinies Going Limited starting Nov. 15, 2006

Nov 9, 2006

    1. I just saw this announcement in a popup on the Elfdoll site. They are more explicit this time:

      And the Notice board says:

    2. Interesting... I pre-ordered a Min - Moname a while back from Doll and Friends and they are just now being shipped from Korea. And I got an email from Elf Dolls saying they will only take orders from the 1-15 of the month and ship from the 16-30.

      They must be very popular!
    3. :( This seems like bad news to me. Who knows how often limiteds will come out (or how expensive they will be). Now I have only 6 days to decide if I can swing ordering one last tiny elfdoll to add to the family.
    4. I love Elfdoll tinies. They are my first and favorite tiny love. Dodo was the first BJD I ever saw anywhere, and she led me here. And it may have been your Charley that convinced me to get Adel. I need to update my icons but I have 5 Elfdoll tinies - Dodo, Adel, Lyn, Min, and Catsy. They have beautiful resin and sculpts. I mostly regret never getting an Olivia when she was available. Maybe they will bring her back sometime as a limited.

    5. I'd second Carolyn. The Elfdoll tinies are exquisite. I have all 3 adorable Monnaemi sisters.
    6. i'm saddened to see this. i want an adel, slph and winky. :( oh well...theres always "pre-loved" like the rest of my crew. :)
    7. Three of my five are pre-loved.

    8. Seven of my eight are pre-loved. I prefer the Tiny size out of all the Elfdolls, and am very sad that they're going into "limited only" status.

      I'm debating on whether or not to just get the other two sisters (Bong and Jin) and have done with it...I've stalled on them for over a year now. I'd love to get a Dodo if one ever became available, but never been able to find one.
    9. Yep...even met the dear Sparrows in person <g>. They're favorites here in Neverland. Love what Donna does with them, and a major reason I even consider Bong and Jin.
    10. OMG - Those are adorable pics! Thanks for the link Carolyn. Aww - Charley hopes she's the one that influenced you to get an Adel. She's the one who forced me to get another Adel because she's such a cutie pie.

      Maybe I'll order a catsy. I've wanted one and fear that I won't be able to get one again. How do you feel about your Catsy?

      Here's a quick pic of Charley saying Hello:

    11. Hi Charley!

      Re Catsy - I always wanted Catsy but had resisted buying her, in part because I think of my Elfdoll tinies as kids or teens and I thought it would be a bit weird for my girls to have a mature-bodied cat-headed friend. But I worried in the back of my mind that someday she would no longer be available and then I would become driven to have one at any cost (I know me). So a couple of months ago, when I happened upon an instock-Catsy at Junkyspot, I bought her. I am now very glad I did.


      Recently I special-ordered a new head for my Min Del Re due to the previous announcement that the tinies were being discontinued. I bought my Min as a fixer upper - her face had blue stains from a previous owner's unsuccessful faceup and cleanup. I was able to get out most of the staining but her skin color still looked dull. I figured that when I got the nerve/ability to try to give her a faceup, if it didn't work out well I could buy a new head. That was no longer going to be an option, so I bought a new faced-up head. I have now spent more on her than if I had bought her new!

    12. Bumping for anyone who has not seen this notice.
    13. One more bump - this may be the last day of normal sales for Elfdoll 14cm tinies.

    14. I wrote to Oka asking for some slim bodied tinies soon, especially that HD elf that has never been released! I am not sure what direction Elfdoll is going in, but it does seem like they are trying to organize themselves to stay on top of the ordering process. I have had troubles ordering from them directly, so it would be a boon if they streamlined their process.

      My Min is one of my favorites, she's my little furious mascot!
    15. Aww.. I want Adel, Lyn, and Min Del Rae so bad.. Oh well.. Ebay, here I come..
    16. You have my sympathy! They are three of my favorites. Be sure to check the marketplace here frequently too.

    17. Well, Dolls and Friends has some tinies, I think, but what I need are the leg parts! I got a tinies set that had to use the extra parts due to damage, and I have two pairs of flat feet and no lower legs to attach them to! I love Wendy's boot legs but I would like the versatility of regular legs too. Any leads on who carries them?
    18. Check with Denver Doll Emporium-
      They carry Elfdoll, and last time I looked, they had lots of tiny stuff in.
    19. Thanks, they do have LOTS of stuff!