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Elfdoll Tinies Kai and Olivia (info in post#12)

Mar 12, 2008

    1. I thought this month would start a new production of tinies. Did I misread the schedual? Does anyone know if indeed, the Monnaemi sisters or Adel/Sylth/Lyn will be recast? Gosh, I sure hope so!!!!!


      Edit: New dolls came out on April 15, 2008
    2. you never know but if there will be new tiny elfdolls it will probably be other ones, because sylf/adel/lyn and the monnaemi sisters were already re-released and my guess would be that before they are again re-released other elfdoll tinies would be first (like Olivia Wine and Sky, DoDo, Winky and Wendy...)

      i was wondering about it too but under the schedule it also says that it can be changed without notice according to the companies needs, so it's not a sure thing that it will all be exactly like on the schedule.

      plus what i am wondering about is, because in the schedule tinies and new tinies (meaning Hana/Doona etc.) are on the same line, would that mean both lines will have special re-releases at once, or will it only be either of them?

      one thing we know is that the tall girl Hazy is being released march 15th, so maybe then we will also know more about any tiny releases?

      we will see, keep checking their announcements board ;)

      ps: i think sylf/adel/lyn and the monnaemi sisters (limited re-releases) are still available at dollpeddlar.com who also do layaway (for those who missed out on them, i'm such an enabler :)
    3. Last time I looked there were still Monnaemi sisters and some of Adel, Silf, Lyn at http://www.denverdoll.com/

      And ditto - My guess is next time Elfdoll re-releases limited tinies it will be a different one (maybe Catsy or Dodo or Wendy, Winky, or even Olivia the sleeping girls). The dolls are discontinued. He only does limited re-releases occasionally and so far has not repeated any re-releases.

    4. I'm more concerned that the dolls will continue to be available, LOL, as I have purchased all I can right now but still want so much!. If they continue to reproduce the tinies, I'll be so happy because then I'll have time to purchase more, LOL.

      Thanks for your insight!
    5. I asked Ms. Cholong when I saw her on Saturday, and she said that any rerelease would not happen until "after summer". So, more time to save money!
    6. Thank God for that
      with the ammount of Money I have spent on Lati this week , If they released Wendy or Olivia ...I think I would have been reduced to tears

      I just couldnt do it

      I am being very firm (for me ) selling some of my larger dolls and concentrateing on a couplr of companys
      Lati ,I want Lea and a White Arin (not special)
      and Elf tinys
      I must be firm (after I have taken a look at the new Cherishdoll babies )
    7. Yes, time to save more money (or is that pay down the credit card?).
      I hope it will be tiny DoDo. :D:D:fangirl::lol:

    8. Amen, LOL
      Thanks for the update!

    9. oh i agree with all the above, i'm almost glad that now i have time to save up, it would have been a little difficult right now!

      thanks for informing us clochette! :)
    10. ohhh thanks for the update. With my new baby girl its been hard to read up and check sites for what's new-_- Hugs to all, gg

      PS hope we all get something we want soon:)
    11. I want a re-release of Dodo and then I will finally have all my favorites.
    12. I just got an email here is the latest elfdoll tiny!! hugs, gg

    13. Mine Mine ...both Of Them
      Hippy Hoppy Flippy Floppy Smegol Dance
    14. Ok now I am calm ...Ive stopped running around the room screaming
      I LOVE KAI
      she reminds me a little of my Hana Devil ...Yup both of those girls are comming home to me
    15. tinybear,

      did you get the email? Wow, olivia looks good, okay now me wants^_~ hugs, gg
    16. Nope not yet ..my e.mails have been very strange the last couple of days ...Im getting them but they are being delayed
    17. tinybear in the english site it says its sold out or is this just until they update the cart?? Gosh it says only limited to 50 -_- gosh I hope it didn't sell out yet??!! hugs, gg
    18. they are on now !

      I bet they havent been released yet
    19. ohhh I hope not!! gg
    20. me too ..Kai is to die for
      I like them both

      I e.mailed Kathy to see is she is allocated any ..I want them both
      Im not missing these 2 if I can help it . LOL