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Elfdoll to Discontinue Standard Boy Body DISCUSSION THREAD

Oct 3, 2007

    1. News thread here

      Expanding greatly on a previous comment: this was a strange place for Elfdoll to make this announcement - at the end of a newsletter focusing on other dolls, and other sizes of doll (thus ensuring that many people who aren't interested in Halloween Hana might just skip it) - and not to feature the announcement more prominently on their site.

      Particularly given the very short notice for those who may want to order.

      Perhaps it wasn't their intent to sneak one past us, or maybe the demand for these older bodies has dropped off to the point where they figured it would not be a big deal, but it would be good if they would disseminate their information a little more clearly in the future.
    2. Exactly.

      Especially given that you DON'T have until November 1st to order, but can only order in the first two weeks of the month!
    3. I'll repeat the text for anyone who wants to see it. This was part of the picture that contained the pics and text for the Halloween Hana doll. If you weren't checking them out, you'd never notice it existed.

    4. yes, it's basically like "get one in the next two weeks or you snooze, you lose." I can probably snag one, but a lot of people can't come up with the money that fast.

      And also, if the helpful person who posted in news hadn't done that, I would have missed the whole announcement entirely and been very shocked when I went to get my Mir and discovered I could not get the old body. I get so many doll mailings, I generally just skim, and the announcement where it was posted looked to be about Hana which is not a doll I'm interested in.
    5. So in the future only the taller body will be available for boys? Is there a comparison pic anywhere? I love Elfdoll, but their website is one of the more difficult to find information on.
    6. I thought there were some comparison pictures of the Elfdoll K (the body they will be continuing to produce) next to one of the boys (the body that's getting discontinued), either here in the DoA archives or on Elfdoll's site somewhere. There's about a 5-7 cm difference if I remember right - K is 65 cms or something like that, and the boy bodies are about 58 cms.
    7. dangit. I LOVE their original body.

      But I don't want to buy a whole boy... or maybe I do, who knows ;) I want a *sleeping* Red but that's not likely...

    8. I wonder if you can get one using the layaway with one of the US sellers? Do they place an order when you place your deposit with them, or when you pay it off?
    9. I'd check with the sales company you're going to use, just to be sure, but I thought if you put in a layaway they ordered it right now and then you paid for it over time, usually while you're waiting for the company to ship your doll. I have stuff on layaway now that is not all paid for because I didn't want to pay all upfront given that the doll wasn't due to arrive for months due to rainy season, but I know it was ordered back in June when I initiated the layaway.
    10. The Doll Peddlar has K 60cm in stock, which means you can put him on layaway and they'll set it aside for you. That's how I got my elfdoll Hana Devil after they were sold out. I think they'll do it as 3 equal payments, that's how it worked for mine anyway, in a similar price range.

    11. And Dolls and Friends has 60cm Red available as a pre-order with up to 6 months to pay. What to do, what to do *drums fingers*
    12. Awwww, hell!! Noooo! :X I love that little body; great sculpture, and a smaller size option. It's getting harder and harder to find under-60-cm boy bodies anymore at all these days. For that matter, it's getting harder to find boys who are only 60 cm anymore... everybody's getting so tall...

      And the clothing market still hasn't entirely caught up with outfitting a 65cm guy. Gads, it's still a pain to shop for an SD16 or Iplehouse or anybody who's in-between 60 & 70cm.

      But I would only really bitch about the height, because the new body's sculpture & general look is really about the same as the old one.
      http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b...mily Portraiture/Elfdoll-65-58-comparison.jpg
      Mr. Willowy is awfully nice, but something about short guys is just so cute. <3

      I've been keeping that 58cm body on my maybe-list for a long time, for one of my floating heads, but I'm not going to panic and get one in the next 2 weeks-- because I'm not in the market for any doll purchases in the next 2 weeks. Ugh, what a deadline to lay on us. And I'm not in it enough to commit to a layaway. Guess I miss out for now! (Maybe the secondhand market will be good to me later, if I decide I really need one... prices will go up, but that is how things go.)

    13. I think since I just got my Baha layaway with them paid, I'll put in for a layaway on a 60 cm standard Mir. I was going to get him anyway but not planning it for this month given the other order periods going on at different companies.
    14. Well poo, I don't have money for a short Red, and he NEEDS to be shorter than my other doll or the characters won't fit! I guess I'll have to save up and bum around the marketplace for a used one with the shorter body sometime in the future X_x
    15. noooees... then I'll have to get him from the distributor here (they have one in stock) before they sell him ....or get him from elfdoll within 2 weeks?! X_X
    16. I wish they had given us more warning. That short little body is cute and it's a shame it won't be an option anymore.
    17. I totally freeked last night when I read the news thread. I've been planning red for awhile but was paying off another doll body this month already. However, when I read that announcement, I immediately started rechecking all my finances and options. My red absolutely has to have the 60cm body because otherwise his character won't fit.

      I totally wish we'd had more warning and that they'd made the announcement easier to find. If it weren't for DOA, I would have no clue what was going on.

      I emailed Denver Dolls last night and they are getting me one thankfully that I can pay in layaway, since I couldn't pull the $500+ out of thin air.

      But this was deffinitely an unexpected change of plans for me. Red was scheduled sometime after the new year. Now he's at least 4 months early.
    18. I just put a 60cm Red on layaway with Dolls and Friends; I'm pretty sure they place the order during their next order period after you've placed your deposit. Now I'm really stinking glad I did; I like tall boys and all, but a 65cm Red just wouldn't have fit the character. He's supposed to be short, durnit.
    19. Very, very frustrating. I think I can just barely afford to get one, a Red, now (by Dolls & Friends layaway). But I'm contacting them first to make sure it'll be the short body.

      Thankfully the other character I was planning for a short Elfdoll boy has more wiggle room in design, and could maybe even take the tall body.

      And I'm very glad I saw this here, I've been trying to avoid watching the company sites and stuff, to aid in my saving. Red was #3 on my list.