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Elfdoll To Discontinue Standard Boy Body

Oct 2, 2007

    1. According to the Elfdoll website, starting November of 2007, Elfdoll will discontinue production of Rainydoll Standard Boy Body (60cm).

      Customers who want to order a doll with the Standard Boy Body will have until the 15th of October 2007 to order a doll with this option from the Elfdoll website.
    2. Nooooooooooooooo!

      Ugh, where's the discussion thread.
    3. Is this coming up in a pop-up box or something? I have looked all over the Elfdoll website on the Q&A, Must Read, Announcements and so forth sections, and cannot find the announcement. It's possible that if it's a pop-up, my work PC is blocking it.

      Could someone please post a link to this announcement, or post the actual text of it here? Thanks.
    4. Hiya Bunnydots: See the bottom paragraph in the Halloween Hanas and Standard Mir announcement. Link below. I missed it myself, and only found it when i reread the whole page.


    5. It's in a picture file, so I grabbed it with Photoimipact:


      I put a comment to them about it in the q&a and also asked if this means they might offer other hands besides the fists and the clenchy K hands in the future. Also asked about the possibility of double joints in both boy and girl bodies.