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[elfdoll] Twiggy Yumi 2

May 15, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Don't miss her! It is the last time to get your amazing girl!



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    2. What wig is that on version 2?
    3. may i know the size and where to get this wig thanks
    4. The wig on Twiggy Yumi is Jpop's Reiya Honey Ash Bld size 7-8.


    5. Since I know, Jpop's website has the sold out condition but, you can find the wig on www.dollpeddlar.com
      I think Dollpeddlar holds some volume from Jpop now.(^^)
      Catch it!


    6. Hello,

      I read Twiggy Yumi comes with blue eyes?? What eyes is she pictured with(where can I get them and what eye size does she take?),they look brown.

      Also, will they be making a sleeping faceplate in the same skin color as twiggy yumi?

    7. Will Elfdoll make available for purchase a body with a head back (in the same resin) so that each of Twiggy Yumi's faces I'm receivng can have its own body?