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ElfDoll Update!! Dodo is available!

Sep 10, 2004

    1. Hi everyone!!
      Dodo is finally available! She only available through our website to the world ^^ !! Therefore she is a special Edition Doll, although, not limited ^^
      She is so wonderful!
      Check it out at our Shop:
    2. I hope she doesn't sell out (sobs)

      I'm still waiting for the money to crawl round to my credit card...sniff...

      Jessica, desperate for a Dodo! :daisy
    3. I went to website to look at the Dodo but none of the pictures show her legs or feet.. Are there any pictures of her without clothes so one can see the body style and shape.. It seems the head looks a bit large for the body,, but might be the angle of the camera lense when pictures were taken..
      Hope to see more pictures...
      Gloria :daisy

    4. Hi your shop is full of cute clothes! What size are the clothes? Will the clothes fit other dolls or are they only for the elf dolls? Thnks!
    5. All the clothes in the shop currently are for the Elf dolls only, but Lisa also has plans to have clothes for MSD sized dolls some time in the near future. She is a wonderful seamstress, so just keep watching her page!