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[elfdoll Usa Exclusive] Special Twiggy Yumi

May 7, 2009



      Special Twiggy Yumi is only available with the Elfdoll USA & Canada official retailers.

      Don't miss her!



      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426

    2. So Cute!
      When will they be for sale?
    3. What is her price?
    4. And where will she be sold? (Which USA dealers?) :)
    5. Since today I supported the final image to our retailer, I expect our retailers will update her tomorrow as soon as they check their email with her.

      Retail Price is $398.00 and she has the option with the additional full opened eyes head.

      Add the Open Eyed Head with Faceup - Add $110.00
      Add the Open Head with no faceup 48 - Add $60.00
      No additional Head -Add $0.00

      As you could see on the image, the Special Twiggy Yumis is the exclusive doll by the USA & Canada retailers.

      And you could find her from

      Denver Doll Emporium : http://www.denverdoll.com
      Doll Peddlar : http://www.dollpeddlar.com
      Contemporary Artist Dolls : http://www.contemporarydollshop.com
      The Junky Spot : http://www.junkyspot.com
      Lone Star Dolls : http://www.lonestardolls.com
      Treasuredolls Shop : http://treasuredollsonline.com
      Katherine's Cottage : http://www.katherinescottage.com

      My Favorite Doll Inc. : http:///www.mfd.net


    6. This may seem like a silly question, but I read the first picture of her and it doesn't mention the wig. Is it included?

      If not I wanted to make sure I start looking for a wig.
    7. According to the Doll peddler (where I just preordered mine!!!) it includes the wig as shown.
    8. Will there be standard Yumi's available in the future?

    9. So this is actually the SAME Yumi as you sold before with the two optional faces except with different face makeup is that right? and also not white skin. What color skin is this one? is this regular or tan?
    10. If I am correct she comes in Realskin, which is the darker/semi tan version, like Special Hazy.
    11. Is she sold out already? I can't find her in the US retailers shops
    12. is she limited?
      i am confused ^^;
    13. It says that she is Limited Edition of 40 :)
    14. Anyone knows if the optional head includes the headback or if it's only the faceplate? o.o
    15. This wig is Jpop's Kana my kana in summermoon.

      So, connect with Jpop dolls. You definitely find it from Jpop.


      Their wig is always perfect!


    16. A retailer left me a message that there is going to be a Twiggy Yumi 2 dressed differently than the original. Does anyone here know anything about this?

      I would also like to know if the extra face includes the full head or just the faceplate ... Cindy
    17. Its going to be JUST the face plate! they are like unoa in that they come off the back part they are magnetic. Past sets have been just the faceplate.
    18. I spoke with a retailer today and was told a Twiggy Yumi 2 is going to be produced in a very limited quantity. She said the doll would be identical to Twiggy Yumi 1 except the outfit will be different.
    19. Did your retailer say when that doll might be available?
    20. Is she sold out already?