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Update Elfdoll Will Open New Customer Registration

Jul 17, 2010

    1. Just up on the Elfdoll site, New Customer Registration will be open from July 17, 2010 to August 17, 2010, so everyone who missed the last two can get on board!
    2. Elfdoll's site by the way is www.elfdoll.com or www.elfdollshop.com (both link to English sites), and registration is normally closed for very long times.

      Sorry if that was unnecessary, but it is important information if someone is new to elfdoll and I expect there to be questions about it considering the interest/discussions about Elfdoll's membership normally, so I hope the mods will allow me adding.
    3. Is anyone else having a hard time accessing the english page? For some reason it worked the other day, but all weekend it hasn't loaded at all. Even though the Korean version will load. :|

      I've tried it on both my computer and a friends...because I want to place an order. I wonder what's up? *_* Does anyone have elfdoll's contact e-mail?
    4. http://www.elfdollshop.com/ seems to work for me - keep trying? It might be due to high traffic x_x?
    5. Works for me too.
    6. A number of people have complained about this but others are not having a problem. One or more ISP's may be blocking the server. The elfdollshop.com address is the English site. If you have had problems for several days, you may wish to complain to your ISP.


    7. Various threads mention people having difficulty over the past few days, not just with Elfdoll's site. There may be some dodgy connections in general to sites in South Korea.
    8. You can use a proxyserver like Tor to access the site. I had the same problem with Soom and crobidoll but through a proxyserver I can visit these sites without any problem.