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Elfdoll Won, new limited edition of 30 from Rainman

May 31, 2010

    1. Elfdoll have put up pictures of the new male Rainydoll Won.


      This information is from the order page.

      [Rainy] Special WON


      Selling price is US$690
      Manufactured by ELF DOLL

      Date release: 31 May 2010
      Date of shipping out: 30 June 2010 in order of payments are received

      Limited edition of 30
      Doll type: Rainy Doll - Won

      Skin color: Homme skin
      Head: Normal head + half-closed head (includes faceup)
      Eyes: 12mm acrylic eyes
      Outfit: T-shirt, pants, waist belt, hat, wallet, gloves (by trees)
      Wigs: Random
      Assembled body parts: Fist hands, bare foot
      Included body parts: Flat hands

      1. This product is fullset that includes outfit, accessories, faceup, body parts and a wig
      2. This product is fully assembled and parting lines are removed

      Half Closed head is 5 year anniversary gift from Rainman.
      The half closed eye head won't be sold in the future.

      I am not an Elfdoll representative, this information is just from the order page of the elfdoll shop.
    2. Pictures are only available to members.
    3. Yes, this site is only available to members, and they aren't accepting new members, apparently.