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Elfdoll Wu Standard vs Taller

Apr 8, 2007

    1. If there is a post about this You may delete this ,but whats the difference between standard Elfdoll Wu and Taller Elfdoll Wu?

      Cause I noticed on the options on Elfdoll site for Elfdoll Wu that their is standard size and taller size. So what is the size difference?

    2. If you go to Elfdoll and click Standard -K- : the 7th picture shows/compares the different sizes. Must be round 7cm, since taller body is marked with 65cm and Wu owner told, older body is 58cm

    3. thank you so much!!!
    4. Apparently the tall body is more like 62/63 cm and the short is 58 cm. It's pretty short. Most of the people who got the original body weren't too happy because if you want to put your girl in heels, she towers over the boy.