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Elfdoll's Amy and Anthony!

Aug 5, 2008

    1. Oh wow, they're really cute. Just got the email, then saw Ms. Cholong posted in the news thread :) So I thought I'd start a thread to discuss them here :)

      Here they are on the Elfdoll site :)

      I love Anthony's suit, and Amy's dress is very stylish. Almost want to think of the 1920's but has some innovative trim and the bow isn't quite a bow, but sort of a hybrid sailor's lapel bow :) I think they're awesome. But if I could purchase one, I think my heart belongs to Anthony :)
    2. News post here

      Anthony reminds me of Elfdolls Lydia and K...similar eye shapes. I like his sculpt a lot. He's the first Elfdoll MSD boy.

      I'm not so sure about Amy yet. Maybe rewigged she will look better. Her sculpt reminds me of Dami and Yumi's sculpt put together.

      Do these fullsets come with shoes? I don't see "shoes" included in the fullset items list.
    3. Well last time they came with extra feet with molded shoes not this time though by the looks of it.

      I like Amy but don't like the boy his eyes are too round for me. Amy looks very cute. I can tell you that the bodies pose like a DREAM!! they can stand and be left alone I love my yumi more than I thought I would!! I will get Amy for sure as I doubt I can resist. Would have loved her in white skin but I guess its not to be. I really hope that rainman comes out with more asian looking faces though in the future.
    4. BODY you can see it here: the resin color is not that pink in person! its a light tone natural color.
      The head takes about a unoa size wig or a bit bigger the feet are smaller than msd more unoa or slightly thinner. Clothes she fits unoa and SDC size.
      My Yumi looks great with my unoas fits right in. Much slimmer and different body shape than volks MSD's.

      ** the boys skin tone is different from the girls by the looks of the description I think its darker.

    5. The body is very much like unoa flat chest but slimmer. The overall feeling when I got my Yumi was boy are you skinny. But its a cute skinny. Yes young! yeh the big curves can get old with the young faces I agree! not all dolls need boobs. Her hips are very slim almost boy like.
    6. Well, even though I am normally a "white skin" girl when it comes to the bjd's, I bought Dami because I fell in love with her sleeping face (not to mention I love her asian open-eye face, too). I absolutely love my Dami so, of course, I had to order Amy. I did notice that Amy's mouth seems to be slightly open (in the sleeping face). I'm actually wondering if she might have a tiny bit of teeth showing - hard to tell in the photos. I'm generally not an open-mouth or teeth-in-dolls kind of person, but I think her mouth looks really sweet. She's going to make a great friend for Dami! I also really love the size and feel of Dami when you hold her. I highly recommend this doll.
    7. Treelore: there is one in this thread...it's from the Elfdoll Showroom in Glendale, CA.
    8. Oh my goodness, Anthony arrived today and he is lovely! I think that his face is more mature than the Elfdoll photos show and its good because it sort of balances out with his more rounded cheeks. I love the face up and the resin is a nice shade, not too pale and not too dark. He poses brilliantly and those new Elfdoll joints are great. I'm really pleased with him, and the quality is excellent! I haven't tried the default outfit on him yet because it is not really the sort of style I like, and I may in time get him a different wig, but I really do like him!
      Here are some photos....sorry that they are so big!!!!
    9. ***congrats dambuster on Anthony's arrival!! :D
      He is a real cutie!!! much nicer than the promo pics. So, you are liking the way her poses? is he skinny (more like a Narin)??****

      ....any arrival pics of Amy yet?? anyone??

      xxoo kate
    10. Thanks Kate, and yes I agree that he is much nicer than the Elfdoll pics. I've since changed his wig for a spikey faux fur one and it looks very good on him. He needs eyelashes too and I want to try him with different coloured eyes, but I've been a bit busy. I still need to post a nudie photo for
      And yes, he's very slim and fits into Narae and Unoa jeans, so I guess the same with Narin. I really need to make him some new clothes...poor boy has been in the same outfit since last week!

      Hasn't anyone else got their Anthony boy yet????
    11. I know this is a really old thread, but I have a question for ya'll: Does anyone know if Elfdoll has discontinued their Anthony and Amy dolls? I want to buy an Elfdoll Anthony but he's marked as "Sold Out" on their site and he has been for a while.... I hope the Anthony isn't discontinued :(