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Elfdoll's NEW Lovely Special "AMY & ANTHONY"

Aug 5, 2008

    1. [NEWS]Elfdoll's NEW Lovely Special "AMY & ANTHONY"


      AMY Limited Edition 50

      ANTHONY Limited Edition 50

      You can find them through our Elfdoll website, Elfdoll USA showroom and the Elfdoll retailers.

      Website: www.elfdoll.com

      Artmaze USA Inc./ DBA ELFDOLL USA
      1141 N. Brand Blvd. #100, Glendale, CA, 91202 USA
      email : helpdesk@artmazeusa.com
      tell : 1-818-507-6936

      Elfdoll retail shop info

      [Dolls and Friends Shop]
      Website: http://dollsandfriends.com

      [Denverdoll Shop]
      Website: http://denverdoll.com

      [Junky Spot Shop]
      Website: http://junkyspot.com

      [Doll Peddlar Shop]
      Website: www.dollpeddlar.com

      [Contemporary Artist Dolls Shop]
      Website: www.contemporarydollshop.com

      [My Favourite Doll Shop]
      Website: www.mfd.net

      [Manus Doll Shop]
      Website: www.manus-doll-shop.de

      Specially if you join 1st Elfdoll USA Showroom Anniversary Meetup(09/06 11am-4pm), you can meet them in person.
      If you have any questions, please connect with us.
      We will do our best for you.

      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze USA Inc.
      Tell: 1 818-507-6936
      Fax: 1 818-507-7426

    2. Did you do any changes to the body sculpt? looks like her knees are more detailed and her hands are different expression this time?
      I would like this girl in the white skin will there be another release of her in white skin tone? (I would like her to match my white yumi)
      Do you have pictures of the boys body nude?
      Will you be adding pictures to "The Making Of" area of your website?

      Love your Yumi you did and cherish her. She stands and poses so well. Very happy to see you continue to create more of this size! I love the more asian face of yumi I hope you do more with this feeling! Amy is adorable.
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