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Elfdollshop bringing out new Pin-up Girl Barbara, stocking new Oasisdoll Natalie

Jul 16, 2010

    1. Some new items have appeared in the Elfdoll shop!

      It appears that Rainman has finally finished his new sculpt - "Pin up girl Barbara". She's a ball jointed interpretation of a 50's style model, and will be a limited release of 30 ( I believe, 30 of each resin colour, but you will have to make sure of that yourself)
      Release date: 17th July

      This is a double jointed body that Rainman has been working on for a while especially for this sculpt, and comes with her special "lipstick hands" and high heeled feet. The Barbara head has closable lids too.
      The lipstick hands are also available on their own to order.

      Also, the long-awaited new Oasisdoll sculpt "Natalie" looks like she will be making her appearance, available from Elfdoll.

      [I am not an Elfdoll or Oasisdoll rep, just a huge fan and I noticed this, and saw it wasn't in the news yet. The Elfdoll shop is still closed to non-members, sadly]
    2. I just love Barbara, but where are her measurements? The site says she is 60cm tall and 14mm eyes, but what about all the other measurements? Thanks! :)
    3. i really love the eye mechanics of barbara and the new body, not keen on the faceup i would prefer a softer faceup like the one on junes wysteria exclusive would be fantastic.

      Will that body be available for other elfdoll girls as well soon?
    4. This News thread & accompanying Discussion threads will be closed while the Moderators discuss the dolls for on-topicness.
      As soon as we've reached a decision, the threads will be updated. Thanks for understanding.
    5. Barbara is on-topic for DoA~!
    6. Hi Zagzagel, the Barbara thread is still closed (sob)

      Whoops! Too quick on the trigger there, OK, thread open, squeeing commenced.