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ElleJay's Dolly Dreamland UPDATE: All Dolls Now in Stock!

Mar 17, 2010

    1. ||||05.02.10: See update in fourth post!|||||

      ElleJay's Dolly Dreamland's, Chicagoland's Official DollZone Distributor, stock will arrive in the next two weeks!

      As a reminder, the first 12 customers will receive a free 1/3 Mo head B (seen here) with any purchase!

      Also, the first 5 nationally based DoA members to purchase from ElleJay's Dolly Dreamland will additionally receive free shipping on their first item!

      If you don't already know, DZ has re-released their jointed hands, and they have added more options! For more details and ordering information, visit this News Article.

      We are located in the Chicagoland area, and we ship worldwide! If you are a local customer, we welcome you to set up an appointment to come see our dolls.

      Once the dolls arrive, their pictures on the Available Dolls page will be linked to a Buy-It-Now eBay auction in the ElleJay's Dolly Dreamland eBay store.

      :aheartbeaI hope you find your dream doll with us!:aheartbea
    2. The Jointed Hands Pre-Order is now open! To order them, please visit this page for the order form.
    3. The dolls have arrived! :D Over the next couple days we will be working on getting them all listed on eBay. You can find the eBay store here.

      The majority of the dolls are full-set, but if you are interested in only purchasing the doll, contact me. (You would still, however, still have to pay for the face-up since all but one doll came with face-ups.)

      As previously mentioned, all of the dolls' pictures on the Available Dolls page of the website will be linked to the auctions.

      Just a reminder: There are only 5 days left in the Jointed Hands Pre-Order. Get them while you can!

      There are also only 10 limited Mo B heads left. The next ten customers who purchase anything will receive one free!

      PM me or email me at ellejay@dollydreamland.com if you have any questions!


    4. There are still some 1/3 Mo B heads in stock! Get one while you can!

      Don't forget, we also take pre-orders on anything from DZ that we don't have in stock ^_^