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Ellowyne Wilde foot measurement NOT OT

Jul 18, 2007

    1. my Goldberry has a Domuya Fashion flex body

      her feet are so small ...I saw a pair of Ellowyne Wildes shoes ...which were just to die for

      ...dose anyone know what size foot Ellowyne has ?

      my dolls foot is 2 inchs ,mature ... and quite narrow ...Im wondering if they may fit

      she is quite happy being a bear foot child of nature
      ...but Oh I love those shoes I saw LOL
    2. Finally a question I know the answer to. I've got Ellowynne right here:
      Her foot is 4.7 cm long
      Very high arch, fashion foot. She does have fabulous shoes, doesn't she?
      Her feet are nearly as big as the C.E.D. dolls feet. Is there anything else I can compare for you?
    3. thankies sweetie

      my girls foot is 49mm
      she hasnt got a fashion foot ...but her ankle has a lot of movement so I think the foot would fit in

      bit like the Unoa in the Crissy court shoe

      the shoe I had in mind for Goldberry was this one

      as its a mule , Im thinking it may work
    4. Hmm, I wonder if the Ellowyne shoes would work for my Unoa 2nd Mocha? She has the fashion high heel feet and fits in some of the Cissy / CED boots. Hmm, maybe I'll buy a pair to experiment. Does anyone have a Unoa 2nd body and Ellowyne shoes they could try for us? *pretty please*

    5. I have orderd a couple of pairs from Judy ,
      EW size and Crissy (the crissy shoes I have for my Unoa are a different make and too big )
      ...but the ones I have orderd fit smaller and are a narrower foot than normal ...I will let you know

      I have an Unoa 2 body with me now ...and they look the same size

      only of course Unoa 2 has the heal foot and my girl has the standard foot:)

      but I will let you know about the others too as soon as I know

      but arnt these just FAB ...I only hope they ship to the UK :(

      so if those Crissy fit Unoa 2 they may fit my Goldberry ...all exited now

      whats a CED ?
    6. Those mules are ace--They really might do, and if they don't work, you can easily sell them for face price, as Ellowyne is a hot item. My mini girl isn't due until next moneth, so I can't try now and I've sold my ALice.
      CED at Cherished Friends:
      This is the sale page. My friend Anne has a CED, and they're rather an awkward size, but brilliant accessories & well detailed outfits. When my Supia arrives I'll try some things on her of Anne's & see if anything fits. Taller than the Tonner regular line dolls, but not as tall as Lishe.
      Just for reference, here's some shots of Serendipity Alice & Ellowyne:
      **click small for large photo** Alice is wearing Ellowyne's "Chills" outfit & it's a perfect fit.
    7. I made a shoe fit chart using what I had around the house so you can get a better judgement of what might fit her, tinybear:
      This is Ellowyne's feet in a variety of sizes. Hermoine's shoes were a perfect fit on Serendipity Alice's flat, slender feet, as were the Teen Trends. Hope this is helpful for folks.
    8. Good grief she is large !

      I thought she was tiny when I saw the size of her feet ...why do they make feet so little ??

      this has been helpfull thankies :aheartbea
    9. Ohhh, that's very helpful! Thanks so much! :) I think they just might work. Does anyone know a good place to get Ellowyne's shoes?

    10. Lindsay,

      I can try Ellowyne shoes on Unoa 2 for you! I have the shoes from the Nevermore outfit.

      Let you know this evening!
    11. DIES
      I love those black boots :aheartbea :aheartbea
    12. Tinybear, I will be right by at FAO Schwartz this weekend at a doll meetup of all things and I can look for you. If you don't want to wait PM AreeElf as she has bought Ellowyn outfits for her Liebchen.
    13. thankies :aheartbea

      her clothes are gorgeous !

      see this is the problem when you dont collect other dolls LOL

      Ellowyne Wilde
      Tonner ...its like a code to me ...no idea what they are LOL

      GENE ....I know Gene , I even have one at the bottom of the wardrobe .....sucks in breath ...outfit may fit Goldberry!

      but I dont think the outfits are as easy to get in the UK

      I always think we are about a million years behind everyone else ....
      or is it because I dont know much about these dolls ..and we do have them ...Ive just never been bothered

      I can remember contacting Ashton Drake about Gene ...they told me they would never sell her in the UK as Uk Collectors would never buy her

      LOL did they get that wronge

      I was overjoyed when I got my girl ....but I dont think I have even got her out the box for years

      ...time to sell her and put it towards my impending HUGE tiny bill
    14. I'll find out for you Saturday. Which doll are you trying to fit?
    15. They're 45mm long and a little under 15mm wide. I measure tip to tip not accounting for the bend of the arch Sadly the shoes that came with my ellowyne wilde outfit doesn't fit my Liebchen and is too big for barbie.

      They made absolutely gorgeous shoes. They're too small for my other non bjd too. Elowyne has cinderella feet very dainty. At one point I was tempted to get the doll just so I could have a doll to put the shoes on. Is also a shoe fetshist. The clothes are so well made too fits perfectly tailored looking on a Liebchen
    16. I couldnt get over how large she was compared to her feet

      I want the shoes to fit my Fashion Flex Domuya

      she has a 47 /48 mm foot by about 2.5mm wide

      damn I think they will be too small :...(

      I was hopeing ..couple of mm would be OK length because they are Mules

      but the width may be too narrow

      Teen Trends look interesting
      Gold berry has a flat foot ..so they make work with her

      you can see her foot here

      she has good mobility in the ankle
      so she can take a heal (a bit like my Unoa wearing her heals )

      but its finding the right one

      and getting flat shoes for her ...Impossible so far
    17. I'll see if I can find my daughter's teen trend shoe. They are a bit wider and are said to fit Liebchen's foot. Ellowyne is very disproportional with her foot. Very much like barbie I think
    18. The only Ellowyne shoes I have are the black short boots from Nevermore but they are PERFECT for Unoa 2.0

      I wasn't sure the zipper would close but it did! I think that with the boots being enclosed, they would be the most problematic. I think the others would fit super fine!

      Yay, new shoes for BJDs
    19. Oh Labrat
      you have made my day :aheartbea

      and Im PMing you as I have finished your wigs and need an address :)