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elovesgr Feedback Thread

Jul 21, 2019

    1. Hi. Kindly leave your feedback here. Thank you!
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    2. I recently bought two outfits from elovesgr. Very flexible with me, excellent communication. Thank you for a quick and excellent transaction.
    3. I purchased 2 outfits and a pair of eyes from elovesgr. Communication was prompt and polite. They shipped when they said they would. Items arrived very well packaged and in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend.
    4. I purchased a blue top from elovesgr. Due to corona the shipping took a but longer, ut the package arrived safe and in good condition. Communication was good and elovesgr posted the package fast. SO far a reliable seller that I would recommend doing business with.
    5. I bought a TS male body from elovesgr. Communication was fast and polite. The items arrived very well packed and in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend. :apresent:
    6. SUPER POSITIVE!!:3nodding:
      My international purchasing experience with elovesgr was perfect!
      I bought an unusual SD-size head with faceup, in very fine condition, which was shipped out very quickly and which arrived much faster than expected: in just 12 days. The head was very well packed up with lots of bubble wrap, and the eyelashes were well protected with a face protector. Elovesgr is a careful and efficient seller who communicates well. I want to buy from elovesgr again!
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      I went right back to buy from elovesgr again because she offers such beautiful, high-quality things; this time she listed a beautiful robe set (for my male doll, that coordinates perfectly with another robe set I recently got for my female doll.) The robe set with its accessories was carefully packed in original packaging and sent quickly. It arrived quickly, too, even though the distance is great. Communication with elovesgr is pleasant and efficient. After that, I went back and bought another suit from elovesgr, modern style this time; I know it will get here just as fast!
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      I saw that elovesgr was selling a really nice suit sized for LLT, didn't know if it would fit the Dollshe DSAM32 body; it does! :D My guy finally has a suit!:dance Of course, the suit from elovesgr is in very nice, like-new condition, well protected by the packaging, and shipped quickly. I would buy from elovesgr anytime!
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    9. :bcupcake:cake::chocoheart Positive feedback :chocoberry:cake::pcupcake

      I purchased a head from elovesgr and everything went wonderfully and elovesgr was so nice to buy from and always had great communication and the head was very, very well packaged up and protected and was exactly as described <3 .

      elovesgr is a Fantastic seller and I highly recommend them and I would happily buy from them again:thumbup!

      Thank you so much elovesgr:hug: !
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    10. SUPER POSITIVE!:3nodding:
      This time my purchase was an elaborate wig, a pair of trendy shoes, and a beautiful kimono. Each item was individually packaged inside the shipping carton and everything survived the journey undamaged. I'm always amazed by how quickly the things that elovesgr sends me arrive here; it's so lovely not to have a long wait for the parcel!
      Elovesgr as a seller is efficient and is pleasant in communication.
      Thank you, elovesgr ! :cheer
    11. I purchased a Spiritdoll 70 cm body from elovesgr in custom resin color (IOS dark tan 2020). Communication was fast and easy, and the body was mailed unstrung and every single piece was packaged carefully and securely. Perfect transaction, I would gladly purchase from elovesgr again! :)
    12. I bought a doll body from elovesgr and am very pleased with the transaction. The body was sent unstrung and each part was meticulously packed. It arrived quickly and in the condition described. Thank you :)
    13. Ordered a lovely ID75 Phonolus outfit from elovesgr. It arrived quickly and in great condition. Great communication also:3nodding: Thank you!
    14. I bought a really beautiful suit set from @elovesgr and had a wonderful, positive experience. Communication was friendly and responsive as always. The package was sent out quickly and carefully packaged. it arrived so fast as well. thank you so much, and for helping their wardrobes out with such lovely things! <3
    15. Bought a pair of TD jointed hands from elovesgr. It went smoothly and the item arrived well packed and faster than expected! Overall a very pleasant transaction :) thanks so much again!
    16. Positive feedback

      I thought I had written feedback for the first transaction I had with @elovesgr but... apparently I didn't!

      January 2021 I had successfully bought a lot of shirts, items were packaged beautiful, communication was great, items arrived promptly. A great transaction!

      And now, I've just purchased a Telesthesia 75 body from them and again, it was a wonderful transaction. They are an adept seller, you can always trust that the item you buy is what you'll receive. This body was so well packaged, it survived a quarter sized puncture to the box, no problems at all! Body was even more beautiful in person. They are always quick to respond, and very friendly. It was easy to negotiate a small layaway, and we communicated monthly with each payment. Thanks again, @elovesgr for being such a 5 star seller.
    17. ★ Positive feedback! ★

      I bought a pair of SD17 shoes from elovesgr. Excellent transaction, responded to messages promptly, very polite, quick to send out the package. It arrived to me in perfect condition, and I’m very happy with my purchase. (The shoes are real leather, apparently! Won’t degrade like the fake stuff.)

      Thank you to the seller, highly recommended!
    18. Positive!
      I bought an SD wig from elovesgr. Everything went perfectly from start to finish. I highly recommend elovesgr! Thanks so much!
    19. I purchased an AngellStudio LanLing King doll from elovesgr on layaway and the transaction went so very smoothly. Doll was shipped timely after payments were completed and arrived safely, well protected. I would definitely work with them again. Thank you! <3
    20. I recently purchased an IOS Class 70 body from elovesgr.
      It arrived unstrung, and every single piece was individually and meticulously wrapped. It must have taken forever! I was also pleasantly surprised at the gifts included in the box as well. I wasn't expecting that at all, but it was a really nice gesture. They are really nice throughout the whole transaction and they kept me informed about when the body will be shipped.

      I can't be happier. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future! :thumbup