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Mar 15, 2006

    1. I'm guessing it's another companies dolls that eLuts will be selling, like Peakswoods and Dollshe. Sei is cute, I wonder if it's just a head or an entire doll?
    2. Innnnnteresting!!

      I *think* that since they're listed down with the other brands of doll that Luts carries, this may be a new brand?

      Very cute girl, I look forward to learning more about these Personal Art dolls!

      Good catch!

      -- Andi :>
    3. Mmm...

      D'you think by 'Personal Art' they mean OOAK/limiteds made by specific doll artists? I know they have the 'Delf Art' section, but maybe they wanted a section for the non-Delf employed artists/non-Delf dolls? That would be really cool.
    4. the head resin doesn't seem to match the body.
      maybe it is really just a head
    5. I'm pretty sure "Personal Art" is the name of the manufacturer, or at least what they're called. the company name says Zull. I really like Sei!
    6. Aw, boo.
      I was hoping Cerberus Project was jumping in on their own version of a full choice system. (Y'know, personalized one off?)
    7. This may be a rumor so don't take my word 100% but I heard they may have something like that in the works.