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eluts.com - Zuzu Delf story 5th

Nov 11, 2009

    1. The fifth Zuzu Delf town is so adorable place, Saint North Ville, where is full of Christmas Carols.
      Would you listen to our fifth tale of fantastic Saint North Ville with twinkle snow and ice?

      Our dolls will be released on 18th November(Wed) and 27th November(Fri) separately.

      Saint North Ville, the northernmost place of Zuzu World, is snowy almost during a half of year. It is the town of Winter and Christmas so that it is covered with shiny snow and ice flakes. This town is always crowded with visitors for Santa Clause. Town people are always warm to visitors so everyone hope to visit the town someday.
      There is the first train station of Zuzu World at the entrance of town and tender stationmaster welcomes a lot of visitors there. *^^*

      There is mysterious story about the Tree of Saint North Ville, ‘Saint North’.
      When light of town is turned off and everyone of town falls in sleep on last day of the year, a witch of white snow appears. She flies on the star of Saint North which is glowing with moonlight and makes snow for the entire town. Then, people would spend the happiest winter next year.
      Would the witch come by Saint North for white snow?

      We start tale of Saint North Ville people, let’s go!

      1. Santa Claus LIO

      2. Sweets FENNY


      3. Tree maker VELO


      Every season, I plow through forest of Mt. Snowstorm and search the finest fir tree for Christmas tree - which may light up Christmas Eve.
      I hope all people keep warm heart seeing my Christmas tree in the dark and lonely night.

      But, remember; please make order THREE DAYS IN ADVANCE!! -_-
      "For Udon stall VELO, who always serves warmth of Noodles on cold winter street, I present my Christmas tree.
      Please serve smile for people with my tree. "


    2. O~~there are cool and handsome Santa Claus and Tree maker ^^

      Which one kind of animal does Tree maker belong to?Is it wolf?
    3. I think they are different from the wolves that were already in Luts. Maybe they are foxes.
    4. In my opinion, this is a fox! :)
    5. LIO > Lion
      FENNY > Fennec

      I think the are fennecs.
    6. 4. Udon stall VELO
      I prepare a bowl of Udon - warm japanese noodles- with my heart for people who work for others in chilly winter.
      Serving my noodles and topping ‘Cheer up!’ and ‘Good luck!’, I give customers my greeting - “Thank you very much!”

      Thank you very much! Happy New Year.

      " Dear Railroad man FENNY, it would be silent last day of this year.
      After seeing off the last train, visit your seat on my stall, which was reserved only for you. "

      5. Staionmaster FENNY
      When I wave flag for coming train, sound of whistle is blown on through winter air.
      I always stay here to welcome passengers...

      I am a stationmaster, standing on platform covered with snow and waiting for you.

      "I bought coat and bag for you when I passed a shop yesterday, Caroling FENNY.
      Please enjoy my present. "

      6. Caroling FENNY
      If you hear my song when you are under Christmas tree, please put on your warm coat and come out!
      Let’s go caroling and welcome merrily winter together!

      Oh, don’t forget sweet lolies for me, please! ~ >_<

      "Scrooge VELO, I always appreciate for your great Christmas Party!!
      I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas party of this year."

      7. Scrooge VELO
      Alright, huge cake and baked turkey is ready. Don’t miss glowing puddings!
      When bells of church are ringing up, we start merry Christmas party!

      " I hope everyone has sweet dream in this saint night…
      Snow Witch VELO, Can I ask you to fall snow from your castle this year? "

      8. Snow Witch VELO
      Her snow-white hairs glitter such as reed flowers under the moonlight,
      her ice-blue eyes sparkle such as clear surface of spring water.

      Today, she feels warm light from Saint North Ville and makes her mind come by the town on her ice carriage - darkness of night would cover her.

      "Santa Claus LIO, I could hear your reindeers' bells are ringing...
      Thank you for your service as always. "