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eLuts: 'MEMORIES Episode 1' photobook(?)

Dec 9, 2004

    1. Located in the Tools section of eLuts.

      Can't really tell much from the description, but it LOOKS like it's a 136-page photo book with 6 patterns inside!

      ^^ I'm tempted... And the cover is really gorgeous.
    2. Is this on the Korean or English site?
      The english site is down now, so can't access it. Maybe they're updating or something.
    3. It's on eLuts, which is the english site. I'm guessing that the "e" stands for English. The Korean one doesn't have an "e."

      The english site is down? Weird... I'm browsing it right now...
    4. sigh..i would love to get it but shipping is as much as the book...so i say no at least for now..keeping my fingers crossed that it will be on ebay..
    5. I told my mom if she was getting Soo to pick up a copy of the book so we'll see. It looks pretty, and with patterns? :D
    6. Wow it looks really interesting, I'm tempted too! :chibi

      Although I need to get a few non bjd related purchaces out of the way first! :D
    7. Wow, is that Shiwoo one the cover?? Lookin good!

    8. The cover looks like a Lishe to me XD;. But wow, that's really pretty. I'd love to see some of the pictures in there x_X