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ELuts Opening...

Sep 20, 2004

    1. *EDIT* New Info here: http://denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2063

      This was posted to the Luts Q & A board:

      Our site will open on Thursday, Except ELF EL.
      Elf El's sale date will be announced few days later.

      And they had this to say about BW El (since he is not available yet):
      White skin EL and the white skin EL special is not limited version.
      However they will be available from sometimes in Otc

      and they had this to add as well:
      When you buy a Delf doll, you will recieve a full aesthetic treatments.
      All the seam lines are removed and sanded, and setting of the strings will be ready for you too.
      However we do not coat the body.

      But my biggest disappointment was this:
      I'm sorry to tell you that the pics on the Dark Elf SOO are limited version.
      We can take your make up orders however the exact same style is not possible^^

      :crushed I wanted her to look like the pictures!!!! :cry:
    2. This is a little subjective, I think. My Elf El's seams were sanded and cleaned up a little, but they're really rough and scratchy. It's very noticeable.

    3. I saw their notice too, and I just want to add that I don't think that means the face-up is included, you still have to request and pay extra for that - the only do seamline-sanding and stringing, which is what they have sortof always done afaik..

      - Therese
    4. Kitori's sanding is not perfect, but I'm happy with it, especially on the little parts like his hands. I figure, they've done it for free, I can't expect it to be perfect. If I ordered it from volks at 6000yen or whatever it is, I would expect much more. If you stare at his skin you can see where the sanding has been done, but otherwise the scratches from it aren't noticable... at least to me. I've not really fully examined him in that much detail, and I also don't have much to compare it to.
    5. Absolutely, I didn't mean to complain! I just thought people thinking of ordering from them should know. ^_^ I'll see if I can take pictures of mine today. Maybe mine is an unusual case.

    6. Oh, oh! I didn't mean to imply you were. >_< I was just curious to compare them. I've never actually really paid that much attention to Kitori's sanding job - nothing's ever 'caught' fabric, or my skin, so I've never taken pause to examine it. But it's interesting to see how other people's dolls are!
    7. I'm in the same boat as Loki with the sanding- My El's seams aren't absolutely-positively perfect, but they're smooth and barely noticeable. For free, I think it was a hell of a deal. I think it's the same as the stringing issues- You get what you get. ^^;;
    8. no elf el white though huh?
    9. not from the LUTS site.Liria says she is still taking orders [15 for this month] so everyone is all confused. I'm waiting for what Liria says on the BW elf el's. If she says she CAN order them ... and i get my check soon (its a week overdue!! it needs to come already ;_;) I will place an order and do a wire transfer right away!

      Im considering getting a regular skin tone elf el.. but i REALLY want him white skinned for the vampire boy im making.. rrggg.. and no one wants to give up their white skinned vampire head for me to just buy a body XD
    10. Actually, I really want the white skinned regular head...
    11. I ordered my Elf El through Sienna. As far as we know the BW is sold out (maybe for the korean site?). So I am gonna get the standard skin version. I don't care what skin color I get, I just want both heads and I just want another boy around the house. :wink:

      I didn't know they sanded the bodies for you. That's really nice! I'm just puzzled that they don't coat it. =/
    12. I ordered my Elf El through Liria too. I believe we also get a second set of hands and a pair of shoes as a gift.
      This is my first time ordering from her. Since no money has exchanged hands yet - does that mean that I might not be guaranteed to gett one. Elf El is so limited, I think only 68. I'm just concerned that my name is not up high enough on her list - and I don't want to nag her. I know I'll hear something in about a week but I just want to know if I''m getting him.
      Sorry for whining..... :oops: again
    13. I've noticed with Liria that it's not who orders first so much as who pays first. I was probably 30 on the board when I placed the order, but my doll certificate said it was only #10, I think because I paid so quickly. I'd try to pay as soon as possible.

    14. Yeah. For those that are "sitting" on paying their Elf El, I recommend that they pay for it real soon. I've been told they are selling pretty quickly if not sold out already.
    15. unfortunately.. I'm stuck ;_; I talked to finaid today and they said my check hadnt even been disbursed yet. Another 5 days until it dispurses and then 5-10 more until it arrives at my house.

      Ugh. There goes my hopes for Elf El. Damn school system. I used part of the elf el money to pay for my credit card bills for buying school textbooks that should have been paid off with the disbursement check.

      School seems to be dragging in So.Fla lately. My teacher got into a huge ordeal with her financial aid as well.
    16. This was just posted to the Luts site:

      Hi, everyone.
      Welcome and thank you for visiting LUTS!
      We are happy to announce that our shop will be open on 25th, September (12:00 in Korean time).
      For the testing of the system some stocks might be able to put in your cart before the opening day, however the orders you made before 25th can not be permitted, and will be deleted without your permit.
      Please be careful with this 'TEST SYSTEM'.
      Thank you for your patience^^

      EDIT: oh, they have also opened a "Shoes" section. This makes me happy 'cause I'm all about shoes LOL
    17. Don't give up hope yet! I hope they will have a few more extras floating around. You never know if someone who may not "bond" with their El may sell it here. *crosses fingers!* :daisy :daisy :daisy
    18. After a brief "site down" period, Glass eyes are up on eluts.com as well as Tools! :grin:
    19. Liria left a message for me last week saying I should be able to pay for Elf El soon. Do I have to wait to get the go-ahead from her before I do so?
    20. You'll have to ask Liria. She works for CP (the doll makers) not Luts. I got the same message, BTW and I'm still waiting for her go-ahead to send payment. ^_^