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ELuts price changes

Sep 30, 2004

    1. Dunno if this has been mentioned already, but over at ELuts the prices for dolls have changed. I think they probably converted the won to dollar properly instead of going 1000 = $1

      Yay! El is cheaper now! ^^ But since he's no longer $500 i cant get the free shipping... hn... Must add onto the price somehow..

    2. You can order them now too. Yeah. Except for Elf El, who still has 'Out of Stock' on it. Oh well. I was only looking . . . . KD
    3. YAY!!! ELuts is officially open!!! But I'm still about 200.00 short of my goal funds >_<;;;
    4. Some of the prices look a little weird to me... I am interested in "SOO Special." SOO Special's price is $500, and $570 for make-up. SOO Normal's price is $430 and $480 for make-up. That means that make-up for SOO Special costs $70 but only $50 for SOO? Do you think maybe when they do make-up for SOO Special they paint both heads? That just sounds funny to me... Before they were only charging $50 for make-up for all heads. :/ Maybe it's a mistake?
    5. Maybe they paint both heads for 70.00? It sounds like a discount to me, since they normally charge 50.00 for one head...
    6. Are all the clothes out of stock already? *looks shocked* Or are they not up for sale yet?
    7. Yeah that's what I was thinking... and it would make sense. There's no reason why they would charge so much more to paint a similar head 0.o either that or a mistake.
    8. I see a paypal symbol on the home page of eluts- but in their "payment" section, I only saw CC and wire transfer as options. Does anyone know if they have/will have paypal as a payment option offhand?
    9. I am pretty sure they will offer Paypal as a payment option. Do a search for eluts through the paypal site to maybe find out what the right email address is. Also I saw there was a question in the Q&A section about Paypal, so if they have replied to that it should be apparent whether they take paypal or not, and what address they receive payments through.

      - Therese
    10. If I can't get a Elf Lishe, I'm so getting a Lishe special. I want an El and a Shiwoo too x_x;
    11. My sentiments exactly.... but Elf Lishe isn't out yet, so hang on to your money a little longer before you give up/cave in and get the 'Special' instead..

      - Therese
    12. Is anyone else on this board going crazy waiting for Liria to reply to your order? XD;;

      .... *strips down and runs about, driven mad* x____x !!
    13. ^^ Of course.
      It's not like I have the money for her yet anyhow.
    14. She confirmed mine this morning. What names did you order under? Maybe they are on my list (she sent a mass email with everyone's prices on them)
    15. Hmmm....... it says on the site you can pay by creditcard. But when you go to order, it only has bank wire transfer. Then they show paypal there...... weird! I hope they get the CC option up lolz. But no rush for me, can't order my Shiwoo for a while.

      Gah the clothing is sooooo tempting!
    16. Another problem...

      I went to order a pair of pants- I put them on my cart and went to check out, but it said that the pants were $18 and the shipping charge was $118.69, making my total $139.69!! For one pair of pants, I think there's something seriously wrong with that.
    17. That's definately a problem in their system. it's probably registering the price as the weight, so its thinking the package is 18 pounds.

      Their system is new and still wonky XD
    18. Hey everyone! I just ordered a chiwoo and some clothes from the new eluts site... and it seems the payment options are Wire Transfer and Credit Card, BUT to use a credit card you have to go through paypal.. that is why they have the paypal icon on their site...

      For example: after I got my total I "checked" the box that said I want to pay through paypal and then they gave me Luts' paypal address and I had to log into paypal and send them the money, but paypal would only take a credit card not a bank transfer.

      Hope this cleared things up a bit!!

      I'm a bit dissapointed the clothes sold out so quickly!! I did get my new boy those leather trousers though :lol:
    19. I think that's a PayPal thing. Every time I send a large PayPal payment to another country, the only option I get is credit card. I guess PayPal won't let you use a bank transfer for large overseas payments.
    20. From the eluts Q&A board:

      - Therese