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ELuts releases plans for CHIWOO Elf

Jan 6, 2005

    1. Ok, don't know if this was posted before, but I did a search and didn't find anything about it other than a previous post I replied to.

      Someone on the ELuts boards asked if a Chiwoo Elf would ever be made, and here's Doogie's reply:

      So keep your eyes and ears peeled!
    2. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D I've been asking about a Chiwoo elf for AGES!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
    3. Would he be limited?
      ... or would they do the Elf Lishe thing? Make a limited release, and then a standard one. Elf Chiwoo would be smexy.
    4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! they can't do it!!! I'm doing everything to not buy a normal chiwoo... if they do that I'll ahve to buy the chiwoo elf (chiwoo is my favorite boy big headmold...)
    5. I don't know, I'm guessing that he would be limited since all the other elves other than Soo are limited ... and supposedly they're going to make Elf Lishe openly available in April w/o all the extras that the Limited Edition had.

      So maybe they'll do the same with this one that they did with Elf Lishe? I hope so, it would be nice to have a non-limited elf boy. Doesn't seem quite fair that all the boys are always uber limited.
    6. oh crap...i just ordered the regular chiwoo...i would have waited for the elf...oh well ...guess i should just give luts my creditcard...:)
    7. I saw this too, I want them to do it, but at the same time I don't because then I might need one, and I definitely don't have the money for that. Oh he'd be so cute though!
    8. Well, you've got time. I have a feeling it'll be awhile ... Pictures of their next boy have been floating around already, and Chiwoo Elf was not one of them.

      So, the big question now is this sexy bish, or hold out for Chiwoo Elf? :cry:
    9. Hold out! Hold out for a Chiwoo elf. :B
    10. ... !!!


      Now I want one~~~~ ;;;_;;; Haha, Chin-Seung could have a doppleganger if I hired the person I bought him from to try to duplicate his faceup >w<;;;;; *dork*

      Mou.. I really probably won't have the money, though T_T; That's too bad.

      I hope a lot of people on here get him, though ^^
    11. Kyaaaa~~~~~

      Chiwoo ELF?! Oh, I hope they'll sell the head separately, cuz I'm getting Chiwoo special for sure.
    12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I selfishly hope that they take a while planning and preparing and such since I just bought a Bluefairy and oughtn't get another doll anytime soon. >_< YAY! What a great idea.
    13. I just hope they sell the heads seperately T____T
    14. Of course he'll be limited. Luts is secretly trying to kill us all. @_@;
    15. I actually kinda hope it'll be a while. :oops: I've got so many on my list thus far. I'll probably go for the elf Chiwoo instead of the normal Chiwoo. However... I'm glad Luts picked up on the demand of elf Chiwoo! I remember seeing MANY threads on their board asking if he would be released. :grin: And... finally, we get a yes! But yes... the new Delf Boy is to die for. He looks like he is related to not only Lishe and El, but looks like he could be related to Chiwoo and Shiwoo as well. Anyone else notice he's wearing Vampire Chiwoo's outfit? :oops:
    16. will there be a chiwoo vampire head? thats alllllll i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      if they do make the vampire head like the le elf lishe thing, will someone sell me their vampire chiwoo head??? pwease!!!!!

      yes, i agree that luts is trying to kill us!!!

      ~Ami M.~
    17. *grumbles* I was just saying the other day, that the only Luts boy I would really, really NEED to have is a Chiwoo elf. Oh HECK. Now I'm double-saving!
    18. @#* @#$% &#!!
      ^&&^ *$!!!

      Sigh. They really are out to kill us. Well, the money I've been saving for a Blue Fairy #2 will prolly become a Chiwoo elf fund... <grumble, grumble>

      At some point I planned on getting a Chiwoo and said if they ever put out an elf version I'd be a goner. And here they are planning it. At least I have advance notice.

      Methinks it will be quite a while and we won't see it until much later this year (maybe late summer?) as they have that new boy to promote and there's been pretty much diddly about him.

      There is always the thought that you could sell your Chiwoo to help fund the elf version.

      Yesss! I want it. Bad.

      Loki's Mom
    19. Hey, if they do release Elf Chiwoo (& I have the money, which is doubtful) I will so sell you the vampire head! :chibi