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ELVEN LOVE! New DOllzone 70 cm Tan and White LE Elves!

Sep 4, 2007

    1. ELVEN LOVE!

      We're very excited to let you know that Dollzone is releasing on Sep 15th - 2 new 70 cm elves! These gorgeous boys, Ien and Quinn, are limited to 30 of each only - foils to each other, and beautifully crafted. Who can resist the sweet Ian, or the luscious Quinn?

      BOth will come with LE outfits and faceups, and are truly works of art.

      Dealers will be placing their pre-orders around the 10th, so if you're itching to be the lucky owner of one of these beauties, please let your local dealer know!

      Don't miss out, if you've been waiting for that special guy!

      WE hope to have pictures to show you in the next day or so -- keep your eyes out for it! :D
    2. Are there any released photos of these two?

      I'd like to see these boys. :)
    3. *cough* waiting on the official ones. Hopefully sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning.. but.. *DROOL* I'm getting the light one for MEEEE! :) ( I know I'm not objective but... wow. Plus, we helped name them ehehe)

      Ien is a light elf - so elegant. Quinn is tan, and very drow-ish... :)
    4. AVAILABLE on SEP. 15th!
      Agents will be trying to place quantity orders before then, so if you're itching for one, let your local agent know!

      Ian---elf in white skin -- $690

      Worldwide to only 30
      Special Limited Make-up
      Special Limited elf ears (2pairs)
      Special Limited right arm’s tattoo
      New hands
      18mm blue glass eyes

      Limited Contents of special designed outfits
      Tank top,pants, long manteau, armlet<

      There is a special tattoo on Ian&#8217;s right arm. The meaning of the pattern is Ian&#8217;s unusual fate&#8230;

      QUINN- TAN ELF $760

      AVAILABLE on SEP. 15th!

      Limited to only 30 Worldwide
      Special Limited Make-up
      Special Limited elf ears (2pairs)
      18mm yellow grass eyes
      Long argent wig

      Limited Contents of special designed outfits.
      Tank top,pants, long manteau, armlet

      Official photos should be up tonight. ^_^ We have a Waiting list over at Featherfall http://www.featherfall.ca
    5. OK!
      Here we have the first images!
      I will have more in a while :)
    6. For the UNITED STATES:

      The Junky Spot is starting a waiting list for Ian (white) and Quinn (tan). Since these will be allotted, there's no way for us to tell how many we will be able to receive yet.

      So to that end, if you are interested in either one, you can send us an email at: sales@junkyspot.com with which doll(s) you are interested in getting. Your email will be considered as your statement that you will pay for these dolls if they are offered to you. We can also do layaway, but for only 1 doll at a time.

      Once Dollzone lets us know how many we are to receive, we will contact the first x amount of people on the waiting list to arrange for payments. So for example, if 10 people sign up for Ian...but we can only get 3 Ians, the first 3 people that emailed us that they want Ian will be contacted first for confirmation. If for some reason one of them has to bow out...the 4th person will be contacted...and etc.

      As stated above:
      IAN - WHITE ELF $690
      QUINN- TAN ELF $760


      As junkyspot said, Dollzone Spain also has its own waiting list for Ian and Quinn.

      Once we know how many dolls of each model we will have, we will contact the first people waiting in our lists.

      As always, we also do layaway (we can reserve you a doll for X months if you pay a minimum).

      For more information, please contact info@dollzone.es

      More photos (click to see it bigger):

    8. I think all dealers will be doing the same thing. A waiting list based on first come first served will be about the only fair way to do it, so nag your local dealer. ;)
    9. ^_^ Re- FEATHERFALL ( http://www.featherfall.ca )-
      What m'fellow agents said. Contact your local reps, and get on the waiting list quick! We're each only getting a handful in the end, I suspect!
    10. I understand that these two are limited to 30 pieces. Is it the heads themselves that are limited, or the fullsets as a package? Will there be nude basic versions of these boys in the future?
    11. The whole lot is limited.

      Once they are sold, there will be no more produced at all, no heads, no nude basic versions. They are going to produce 30 of each and then that is it. :)
    12. Close ups of the boys. ;) We're happy that we managed to snag a few at Featherfall ( http://www.featherfall.ca ) - it really looks like DZ underestimated what a hit they'd be! They're working hard to come up with new things to satisfy and wow their fans though. ^_^