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Elysium "Ban" limited re-sale and new head "U

Jul 7, 2005

    1. LOL miserable,
    2. Yay! I loooooooove Ban, and hopefully I have the cash!

      Um, do they speak English?
    3. Waaa I want Ban. I have no money though :(

      I dont know about the new face mold though. im not quite sure if i like him or not....
    4. Yes they speak English! You email them about ordering and they reply with the information needed. (like, if you want a face up add extra cost and description, shipping price, quantity etc)

      I don't know if anything's changed, but the only way to pay before was through mailed USD in a greeting card or international bank transfer o.O (I mailed the money XD)

      They're quite lovely people to deal with ^_^

      -Annie love
    5. Okay, that's super, thanks!

      Oh, mind if I PM you if I've got other bothersome questions...?
    6. No no its ok ^^

      I'll be glad to help!