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Mar 23, 2007

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      Elysium News thread,
      Incoming/Waiting thread,
      Elysium bjd owner's list,

      Elysium resin colors?
      Photo: White vs Normal,
      Elysium Hugo white skin? How white is it?,

      Compatible bodies?
      Different bodies, different heads, different companies,
      Elysium heads on different bodies!
      Souldoll male,
      Dollshe male,
      Dollzone 71 male,

      Elysium Hugo,
      Lud-N head,
      Elysium ROZI,

      What's that stand for again? (All are dead links unfortunately) I'm not sure but Eidolon_Tree came up with this:
      Hugo SW --- Sad, white skin,
      Hugo SN --- Sad, normal skin,
      Hugo MW --- Mad, white skin,
      Hugo MN --- Mad, normal skin,
      Hugo-N --- The holy grail of...uh...I mean, Smiling/Smirking,

      Hugo is also known as Hugo S on DoA maybe because he's subtly smiling/smirking. No where on Elysium does it calls the original head Hugo S. Smiling/smirking Hugo is called Hugo-N in Elysium.
    2. I'm glad we have one one these now. I think we've slightly outgrown the 'incoming discussion' thread, if only because Elysium itself has grown. I felt kinda silly for wanting a place to talk about Axel and restraining myself from posting in the Hugo-S thread. *laugh*

      Elysium has been busy this year, I think they're getting quite ambitous now.

      A new head sculpt, a whole body, an entire outfit with accessories and shoes, separate shoes, separate bodies, rereleases of the remarkably popular and difficult to find Hugo, site updates/renovations. oO

      I wonder where they're headed, as a company? I think that they're still too rough to attain popularity yet, but it kinda seems like they might eventually attain it...
    3. *nods* I hope they're not biting off more than they can chew. They're doing so many things lately. How are they going to keep up? I thought it was only Jia and Aya, two people, doing all of this.

      With that said, I kind of want the Axel head now. XD I hope they don't mess up orders for Axel or the clothes like the somewhat bigger companies have done repeatedly. They're talented and they seem to be good at following trends so they probably are going to get popular as time goes by.

      Do you think this third re-release we'll see not only a white skin Hugo but a close eyed, smiling Hugo? I'd snap up the close eyed, smiling Hugo so fast. *has pleasant dreams about it* I also have a feeling we're going to be the only two who'll be talking the most in this thread.
    4. That's a Hugo-SN... although the seller thinks it might be a Hugo-SW.

      The difference between a Hugo and a Hugo-S line: Hugo smiles, Hugo-S frowns and has a furrowed brow (mostly the eyelids). The difference is pretty huge, when you consider that Hugo is happpy and Hugo-S is sad....

      Sorry, it's quickly turning into a pet peeve of mine. :/ It's like constantly labeling an SA Hound simply 'Hound', or vice versa. He's one of my favorite sculpts, so when I go to the gallery, "Elysium Hugo!" will get an automatic click from me, and it's always kinda annoying when I think I'm in for a rare treat (there is pretty much only ONE Hugo on DoA, owned by Lone Sheep) and it turns out that it's another Hugo-S....

      But I love the Hugo-S line, I gotta end on that note. :sweat I own a Hugo-SN and a Hugo-SW both, because I love them so much.

      I know that their sculpt is quite stylized compared to the newest trend of realism, but the aesthetic greatly appeals to me.
    5. I'm at the point where I just might by a Hugo SN and then mod the eyes closed. >_< Think it'll work?
    6. Heh, i kind of agree with you on that. Hopefully there will be more Hugo's in the galleries once Elysium re-releases them in a few months time :P.

      Also, i've been painfully watching that Y!J auction since it came out, only to realise yesterday that the seller won't ship internationally *headdesk*.
    7. It should work. There are people out there who sell eye-closing services, and his resin is such a close match to pureskin, I'm sure you can even find someone who knows how to tint the miliput to match reasonably well. You'll probably have to sand down his bumpy :( eyelids, though. And besides, Hugo-SN is the easiest Elysium head to find on the secondary market.

      I'm sure that there'll be a lot more Hugos in DoA once he's put out again. I've met so many people who say they hate all Elysium heads except Hugo (and that he's their dream doll). I'm betting hard money that they only sell him as a whole doll, though, which might dissuade others from buying him since the body is so unpopular.

      I've been staring at that auction since it started, too. I'm a little sick with the Hugo-love -- obviously -- so I hit Elysium a few times a day, and I have a few Y!j searches bookmarked. He's so cheap right now. o.o I was tempted right up until I realized I already owned it already. :doh

      If you don't mind using a shopping service, you can get around the whole 'no international buyer' thing, can't you? I kept hovering inside Rinkya, wondering if I should get him anyways... just in case he stays cheap.

    8. Ah, i really hope they won't do that *crosses fingers*.

      As for shopping services, i did check a few out but i still not clear on a few things yet, so i'd rather not jump into it just yet ^^;;.

      If he does stay that cheap, why not? You can turn him into a doppleganger/twin or someting :)
    9. Don't tempt me! I already have my Hugo-SN and my Hugo-SW. If I'm not careful, I'm going to turn into a hoarder. *laugh*

      I'm going to Sakura-con next month, and someone lovely has promised to allow me to try my Hugo-SW on their white skin Dollshe body. I am about 90&#37; certian it is a mismatch, it's been remarked on more than once, however it's the most popular body in Korea for him, they just take it and blush it all to *#&@!. It might be worth it, to suit my character.

      I'm pretty sure that he'd match up with Dollzone 70cm Male White, too. I say it that specifically, because most people don't know that Dollzone uses different resin mixes for all their doll lines, so none of them match one another. The problem with the DZ body, for my Hugo-SW, is that it's too muscle-y for the character. My Hugo-SN has a DZ body, though, and I really like it for him. I really love the way the neck looks, but I need, and am, going to be making a series of small mods so that he's just as I like him.

      So far, I like my two boys best at the 70cm range, it's the most pleasing to my eye.
    10. I didn't know that, about the Hound bodies not matching, as i've seen quite a few Hugo-SWs on that body on personal owner sites. Please do tell if it works when you manage to try that~

      Has anyone tried any Hugo heads with a DoT body?
    11. Well, Dollshe white and Dollshe normal are very similar, one is simply a little more pink than the other. And Elysium White is the whitest I've ever seen. oO Whiter than my Serendipity White, even. My white Elysium head on my normal Dollshe body, causes the Dollshe body to look like a cooked lobster.

      I think it was mentioned in either the Hugo-S thread (incoming forum) or the first one or two pages of the Elysium News thread, that DoT resin is definately not a match. In fact, I'm pretty sure Lone Sheep owns a DoT, and she was the one that said the resin was far too different.

      eta: Yep, it was her. First page of the News thread, right here
    12. Ah, i somehow missed that post, thank you for confirming that.

      Btw, i've been meaning to ask, is your Hugo-SW more yellow tinted or peach tinted or stark paper white? I couldn't really tell from the pictures.

      Also, i wonder if anyone had bought/planning to buy Axel?
    13. It's pretty much as pictured. No yellow or peach tinting, small green tint. White white white.

      I kind of want Axel, he' suits one of the characters I've been toying around with, but there's no way I can afford a whole doll at this time.
    14. Green tint? That's new XD.

      And i'm in the same boat with you on Axel, if they had him available as just a head, that'd be much more financially helpful ^^;.
    15. CP people call it "beauty green". XD The Hugo-SW I bought, I actually bought from Damask. The person she bought it from actually had it next to a BW CP head (I think it was an EL? Or a Shiwoo? I can never keep track of my CP heads), and the Elysium head was just a shade whiter.

      Another bummer about Axel-N is that he's not likely to hit the secondary market on DoA, since I don't think anyone (or hardly anyone) has bought him.
    16. The CP head was a Breakaway. Sleeping vampire, I think. XD You're not the only one having trouble keeping up with the various CP heads.
    17. Anyone knows how well the Elysium body poses. I just read above it's unpopular... is it because of the shinyness? :sweat Sorry I'm quite new to Elysium, but I just can't get Axel outta my head XD
    18. Elysium bodies came out this month, no one knows how well they pose.

      Most people I talk to believe the body is ugly, badly sculpted, and don't like the shine.

      Slightly OTish rant:
      I'll say again here, I believe shine is a dumb way to judge resin. 'Shine' is just a finish, just as 'matte' is, any quality resin can be shiney or matte. It's also a problem that's remarkably simple to fix, with either some fine sandpaper or finishing spray.

      That statement wasn't directed at you, Air. I just feel that I need to say it as often as possible, because I've seen so many companies judged by their finish. Elfdoll resin is so shiny, I could signal for help with one of their bodies.

      In fact, my Hugo-SN head was shiny when I had Jia's faceup removed. I had to sand it, because his head was unfinished when she did the faceup, so he had an uneven tone, and was at once coarse and shiny. It looked like ASH peeled his head out of the mould, and plunked it into a box, which is probably exactly what happened.
    19. It seems to me that Axel is very awesome. Me I need to buy a car though before I add to many new dolls to my list.
      Anyway I really think that I will be adding the whole Axel doll to my list of "Wishing I had this doll." I like the body they make and most of the kinds of bodies with multi part torsos. It would seem like they would actually make clothing hang in a more "human like" way then the one piece torsos. although I have seen some better one piece ones on the females then the males...(abs must be hard to sculpt ;) )
      Does anyone have an opinion on the clothes and the different torsos? Sorry if this wandered a bit off the topic. My enthusiasm is not easy to curb, and I'm very new to this BJD universe here :love
      Happy Easter all!