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Elysium doll re-released Hugo

May 18, 2008

    1. I think if you go to Guest BBS and then Sign In, you'll be able to post your order there.

      The Sign In is more or less in English but there's a bit of Japanese on it. Basically, you can ignore it. It's just asking if you want your ICQ # to be public or whatever. Oh, and it says your ID has to be in alphanumeric characters, but that's pretty standard for those of us on English speaking forums. The area where you have a lot of space to write near the bottom is your "self introduction." You can leave it blank if you want.

      When you click okay, something in Japanese should appear saying that you've signed in successfully and they're happy that you did it. If you did it correctly, when you press the Sign In button again, a little error message will pop up in Japanese telling you that you're already signed in. I assume if you didn't do it correctly, you'll be taken to the Sign In form again?

      I don't really have the funds to go through with an order right now but the order page seems pretty clear on what information they want.

      Does that help?
    2. I've ordered from Elysium twice, and all you do is email the completed order form to their provided email. They're incredibly friendly, answer very quickly, and ship even more quickly! Hope that helps someone. ^^

      EDIT: Just in case, the email is jiaplot@hanmail.net (which is not where you send your payment; they'll let you know the address)