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Elysium Hugo-S head re-released

Feb 9, 2006

    1. boy its just a day of news isn't it, lol

      i popped by elysium to see if they had released a new head mold and found out they are going to re-release the Hugo-S Head. While the site is in japanese and korean. I know that if you email them they will ship internationally. this is what the message says through a translation site-

      "The schedule where the head of the HUGO-S appears in April is
      The head the above HUGO-S this is not sold is with the latest last sale

      The schedule which does the event over February and March is
      Known it does detailed contents afterwards
      (Event commodity - HUGO-MN HEAD)"

      if someone that can actually read japanese or korean can do a clearer translation that would be great too :)
    2. Must. Have. Hugo. Head.

      This is the same head as your gorgeous dominik, isn't it?????

      How do I buy this head?????????????????????????
    3. yep yep it is the same as dom :)

      their email is: jiaplot@hanmail.net
      i bought mine through a service on yahoo japan but i know some people on DOA have ordered through them. i've heard they speak decent english and i think they take money and wire transfers. im considering buying the white version for a brother to dom...hmmmm
    4. MysteryAya - what body is Dom boasting? And did you do his face-up? Gods, but I love that mold!
    5. he's on a volks sd13 body and the resin match is very close. Threnodys did his face up :)
    6. my hugo-sn is on a volks body and the resin match is almost perfect.
    7. I emailed the company - thanks MysteryAya! The Hugo-S head is sold out and sales will begin again in 3-4 months. Yay!

      But...with that wait, I'm back on the prowl for either the SD16 Yuki or the Do Bermann!
    8. Hugo-s, what with his sulking mouth and all ^-^. I would think he´s white skin, the normal Dollshe resin is much pinker than the Elysium one (which has a yellowish tinge close to the Volks PureSkin).

      I think I have to consider getting a white Hugo-head in the future and put it on a Dollshe body...<3...
    9. that's ash's hugo-sw
      i would guesss white skinned on the hound body because like mica said the normal is yellower like volks (that's what mine is and he's on a volks body)
    10. Thanks Mica and MysterAya! If you did not tell me it was white-skinned, I would have bought a normal-skin one. XD. In the site though, it says Hugo-SN? At any case you can always get a Dollshe Hound white skin with a Hugo white skin. ^^

      Leeda I noticed we have the same taste in dolls! LOL! I love him too! But wait... how much is he? Isn't he like $114 for a head? Anyway... enjoy these photo galleries I found... the more I want him!!! :aheartbea








      Sorry for linking directly to galleries themselves, I personally thought this would be less hassle since I found it hard to navigate the site myself. If you want the main site, it's here...

    11. i wonder if any mods were done on ash's face or to the hound body to match the resin. i dont have a hound to compare my hugo to but he looks like he would be a lot more yellowy...hmmmm i want to try him on a hound body now!
    12. It seems that the first Hugo head was yellower than the latter releases.

      I saw photos of the new heads on their website, unpainted and all, they look pinker than the first Hugo. In fact, they do look like they would be a great match for the Hound body.

      I have a Husky myself and I can attest to the fact that Volks Pureskin is a bad resin match to the Hound body, and I can kind of guess that the Hugo head (at least the first one) would be an equally bad match as well. The colour of the Hound body on Ash's Hugo seems to be unmodified, though. Perhaps they have changed the resin colour on their Hugo heads?

      But yeah... does anyone know when the Hugo-SN head will be released again?
    13. about Ash's Hugo, I'm pretty sure I remembered reading that both heads that she has (hugo-s and hugo-m) are normal skinned on a Bermann's body (bermann bodies are a tad bit smaller and different from hound's right?).. Which is pretty weird since the resin is... yellowy (or.. designed for volks pureskin i believe) and really different from dollshe's.

      Ah... one of the reason why i wanted a hugo-sn head. Ash's hugo :D. Well, can't wait until they're released XD. Then there'll be more hugo-s around on the forum ^^

      Edit: just checked on the site. On the doll's profile page

      type : Elysium doll Hugo-SN head Custom+ Dollshe Bermann body) (+Elysium doll Hugo-MN head)

      hmm.. when it said "custom" could it mean that it's been modified. . ^^
    14. ...They have began to release the heads about 2-3months ago...
      But I am still confusing which way I should pay for the head.
      You guys can have a look my question on their website-GUEST BBS:
      32 HUGO-MW HEAD TYPE [1] Amelia 2005/12/06 181 2

      Anybody have an idea about the payment???...
    15. ShaRooN, it could mean that the face-up is custom, or that it has been sanded a bit. You are right, Bermann's body is a tad smaller, though I believe the neck circumference is almost the same. Hound's neck is just a tiny bit longer. http://www.tensiya.com/2004_en/index.htm?mode=about_berman&a=4

      But take a look at the colour of the head at both these photos. The first one is the first Hugo head, the second, Hugo-SN. The third one is the latest MN.




      This confuses me cause the last two ones do not look like it could match a pureskin to me, though the first one looks like it could. Perhaps it's the lighting? All the models are wearing turtleneck jumpers, so I could not really tell. I wish they'd specify which body he'll go with. LOL.

      Amelia_aa, I have no idea how to pay on the website. I'll ask my friend to translate the Japanese bit later. ^_^