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Elysium : New heads - U & 2nd Ban

Jul 13, 2005

    1. For those of us who are interested in original heads
      [I know I am.. I am crazy about original heads :)]
      Elysium came back with their new heads!

      Here's some info!:


      Skintone : Normal
      Head : 9 in.
      Eyes : 18mm
      *Fits Volks Standard body.
      *A little bit of modification has been done on the head from the previous 1st head.

      Skintone : Normal
      Head : 9 in.
      Eyes : 12-14mm
      *Fits Volks SD13 boy body.
      *New head with open mouth.

      -no wigs, no eyes, no body, no face-up included. HEADS ONLY!

      PRICE : 120,000 KRW {Korean Won}

    2. ahh ban looks good! thank you for sharing those pictures with us :)
      love original heads too...
    3. eeee!!! *loves ban* you adorable thing you!
    4. Seconded!! :o
    5. :( sorry if im being really dumb here but how do you buy those heads
    6. eee i saw those pictures earlier. i like the ban head but i wish they would re-release the original hugo head to go with my hugo-sn head. id buy the ban head if i had the money to.
    7. You can either contact Elysium personally or commission someone to do shopping service for you.
      For example, I do shopping services at http://doya.u.to
    8. Same here. I asked if they would re-release original hugo head,
      they said they might... but not sure.
      But they said they will re-release hugo-sn later this year :)
    9. That's cool. i hope they do re-release the hugo head. i luckily already have the hugo-sn head but now i want the original hugo head for his brother :D
    10. What is the best resin match for these heads?