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Elysium News Thread

May 18, 2006

    1. also here is ordering information on how to order from elysium- (this is taken from a post on there forum)


      Overseas dealings are more complicated than in Korea or Japan, but possible.


      price : 150 US dollars

      Forwarding charge(EMS) : 15US dollars(China/Taiwan/Hong Kong)
      20US dollars(Europe/Australia...)
      25US dollars(USA/Canada...)

      make up (option) : 50 US dollars

      1. name  (full name in English)
      2. address  (full address for posting)
      3. E-mail
      4. HEAD-TYPE & quantity
      5. explain in detail what doll's make-up you want
      6. write your request

      * fill 1~5 out, please.(positively necessary)
      * 6 : fill up when you want doll's make-up
      * 7 : option


      purchase 5 ways.
      1. use US dollor cash. (send by envelope)
      2. use postal money
      3. use internatonal bank account
      4. Western Union
      5. paypal

      Orders that have been already payed for cannot be cancelled, and there will be no money-back guarantees.
      Please choose and consider carefully.
      Thank you, and have a nice day.

    2. Thank you, MysteryAya! I have two questions - one, do you know/can you tell us what skintones/company bodies match these heads best? two, if paying by paypal - is that the address to use and do they want payment made simultaneously with the email request?
    3. Well I only have the natural skin tone Hugo and he matches with the Volks body very well. I've also seen pictures of hugo on a older bermann body and it looked really good too. I've never seen a white skintone elysium head in person before so i can't say what he would match.

      I bought my Hugo through Yahoo Japan because at the time he was sold out on elysium so i never bought through them. I know Leeda recently obtained her Hugo-MN through western union through them. They must have recently added the paypal because they didn't have that option before. I suppose you could just ask them. I heard they can speak a little english. I was thinking about getting a hugo-mn as well in the future as soon as i can get some money together so i will let you know how that goes :D
    4. So far Companies that match the Elysium Normal Skin tone

      1. Volks Pureskin
      2. HappyDoll Normal (not the older resin)

      Payment methods they accept

      1. Send cash by post
      2. Bank transfer
      3. International Money Order (Western Union)
      4. Paypal (edit, thanks MysteryAya)
    5. lord rosiel- it says on there page now that they take paypal :D
      hopefully its true. it would make my future transaction with them easier.
    6. Thanks for letting me know (and what a bummer since I sent them money by post which left me worried sick for a week).

      Anyway, they said that they are in the process of making a boy body for their heads. They are expecting the body to be available during the winter 2006-2007.

      Also, the body may be a taller body, as they noticed that many people like to put them on larger bodies.

      They have also suggested SD16 to be the best body out of all, for the moment. They also mentioned that a lot of owners use Dollshe bodies, though the skintone match is not very good.
    7. I was wondering if a Iplehouse body would match a Hugo head?
    8. I dont know about iplehouse. ive never seen one up close. I met a Soo-ri last weekend but didn't really get too good of a comparison. now i wish i had. I hope that elysium does make a taller boy because i would love to put my hugo on a taller body because he does look a litte out of proportion on the volks body (but not that bad)
    9. Thanks for the response. I was also wondering or if you would know if a DOT body would make a match?
    10. Hello,
      I just want to ask if you would know when they will restock some of the heads since I am interested in Ban >.<.
    11. The Iplehouse resin is not a match though it IS very close...I tried mine on ptwinny's Iplehouse body in normal skin but it was a slight bit pinker than the Elysium yellowish tone. The head was also a strange fit. I'm not so sure about DOT....but I think DOT resin is pinkish isn't it? Best match is Volks pureskin and HappyDoll as Lord Ros said ^^
    12. DOT resin would not match. Here's a comparison photo between the two:

      DOTs are a bit more pale and pink than Hugo heads. The Volks pureskin is a perfect match for it. =D

      I'm very excited about the news of them coming out with a body! I'd love a body that could slouch a bit more than the Volks body I have for him right now. I'll get my hopes up for that one. =D
    13. its hard to say if they will restock there heads. they did a re-release of the ban head about 6-7 months ago so there is always hope that they will release him again. you could always email elysium to find out :D
    14. Thank You for the picture comparison, there lovely together. I can now that a DOT body wont work, oh well I was hoping for an easier way of getting a body than YJ. I still have to get my HUgo head a body, well everything.

      I can't wait to see what the body will look like. I'm excited too.:)
    15. Just reminding everyone that they will be selling Hugo-SN heads for the last time this June, I believe.
    16. Elysium now has an english page (well sorta, they made the japanese page half japanese half english)

      and like lord rosiel said the last sale of hugo sn will go on sale sometime in june
    17. Hugo-S head is now on sale.
    18. I love the Wren and Wren-B heads - any news on them, or anyone have more pictures?