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Elysium Tinies?

Mar 22, 2009

    1. Interesting - I think they are both the same mold one done as a girl one a boy. They look like Yo-sd size.
    2. I saw that picture up on http://www.elysiumdoll.com yesterday with a date saying it was coming in 3-2009 (which is this month). I posted about it in "Larger Dolls" since Elysium till now has been selling the SD heads and the company discussion thread is there. I'm still waiting for anyone from the company to make a statement or confirm.
    3. Okay, I don't get it. I'm not familiar with this company. Is that the only page to their website? Where are the dolls sold? I want to see more!
    4. They are a company that usually do SD10, SD13 sized heads. They had a full doll (Axel) but he was limited I believe. The dolls are sold on that website, they're just closed temporarily :)
    5. Okay, thank you! So do you suppose these little dolls will be sold as heads only? They are so cute!
    6. The Elysium Site is up! For the tinies, its head and body. They're names: Milk and Cream! very cute:D