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Email invitations issued for "Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA&qu

Nov 1, 2005

    1. I got my Invite this am .... sure wish I could go.
      Very specific about not sharing the invite -

      Dear Laurel Yocum.

      Information for "Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA" Opening Reception Party from VOLKS INC.

      VOLKS INC (from Japan) presents VOLKS USA "Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA" at a guesthouse only for US
      Super Dollfie Owners. We have Exhibition of One-Off Super Dollfies, Talk Time with VOLKS,
      Raffle and so on.

      We are truly looking forward to seeing you.

      - passwords to register, etc, then the rules -

      READ ME

      * If you return to this email, your application will be invalid.
      * This application is limited to the members of SD Owners Club in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
      * Invitation is chosen by lottery in case there are so many applications.
      * The Invitation E-mail will be sent to the lottery winners on November 7 th (Japan Time).
      Please printed out and bring the Invitation E-mail on the day of the event.
      * Invitation is chosen by lottery in case there are so many applications. Only lottery winners
      are to receive invitation of Opening Reception Party on November 19 th.
      * No inquiry about lottery is accepted.
      * Super Dollfie is for over 15 years old. Thank you for understanding in advance.
      If you are NOT the member of "SD Owners Club"...
    2. Oh, I know! Look at those dolls. *sighs wistfully*
    3. So, I'm guessing that they sent us these emails after we registered for the SD Owners Club, right?
    4. Yes, it was only sent to registered members.
    5. I'm in LOVE with some of the one-offs. Too bad I can't go. ;o;
    6. Am I correct in my understanding that the invitations were by lottery also?
      I received one but I can't make the trip, so if the invitations were limited I'd like to see if Volks can out mine back in the lottery and let someone else have my spot.

      Anyone have any info on that?

      EDIT: Nevermind...I think I get it. The initial invitation is NOT the one that lets you in, it just lets you enter the lottery. That works better. :3
    7. I think you have to send in the "Opening Reception Application Form" before you're officially entered into the lottery.
    8. Wah! My Ginevra is dressed nearly identically to that Anais. Even with the same boots!

      Yes all, please DO NOT RSVP if you don't intend to go. It will lessen the chances for invites for those who do plan to attend.
    9. Ack ack!! ANNNNNAAAIIIIISSSS! Lusts!
      I am so excited because there are two chances for me to get Anais at the opening!
      *does a little Anais dance*
    10. Okay, I just woke up, so forgive me for being slow, but is the deal that even if you send in your application, etc. and pay a bundle of money to go down to LA, you still might not get to go to the party on Saturday? If that's the case, it would have been nice if Volks had done this several weeks ago, so we could have skipped buying plane tickets, etc.
    11. Seems like it. =~_~=;;

    12. I agree......

      Now, does anyone know if a tour of the Mansion will be available on a later date?
      can some volks fans visit Los Angeles and see the store as well as the Mansion?
      or is the Opening Reception in the mansion the one and ONLY time people are allowed in to see the wonders of Volks?.........
    13. *snerk* YES i just barely made it. XD ahh, how badly i want to go.
    14. I was planning on driving down. I guess if we don't get picked to go Saturday :crushed we can cancel Friday night hotel and drive down Saturday.

      Also, anyone interested in organizing a b/f-husband-s.o. gathering at a nearby bar while the rest of us go get squealy at the mansion?
    15. Also, I just want to say... I think the trip would still be worth it just for opening day. I wasn't expecting a special "tea" in any case. It is just a day later than planned for *_* but Volks is nothing if not mercurial. Part of their charm!
    16. Arghhh..why do I have to be studying abroad right now? :( I could have gone if I were home. I wonder how much it cost to fly from London to LA..heh

      Anyone have any idea about the prices of the one-off models? If I won I'm not even sure I could afford one.. especially the ones that look like they are a set of two dolls. :(
    17. Kallisti that is THE perfect word to describe them!

      I really hope it works out for everyone that is going. Maybe they won't get as many rsvps as expected and everyone will be invited. I am glad I didn't buy those plane tickets though. I'll wait for a DoA con that is a for sure thing.

      Good luck everyone! I'll be praying to the Volks gods for you all :daisy
    18. Hi,

      At Sato, the One-offs from what I remember were like 60,000 yen for a MSD and more like 90,000-110,000 for the larger dolls. I'm not really sure what sort of conversionary rate Volks will use.

      Good luck to everyone going, the One-Offs are really nice, and I'm glad Volks is having so many nice ones on offer.
    19. Correction: I got an email from volks with a link to sign up for the event and win by lottery.
    20. It says not to email. I think they're trying to keep it as fair as possible, and sticking to the cut-off dates they set.