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Embarrased of your twins?

Jul 23, 2007

    1. First let me say I never intended to have duplicate dolls... I ordered the renewal Hypermaniac Choyangbi and Hahanbi with the intention of choosing which I liked better (renewal or original) and letting the other go.

      I'm finding it very difficult to want to part with any of them!


      Even in spite of the fact that Choyangbi and Hahanbi look an awful lot alike to start with, I gaze at this foursome and I can't bear the thought of parting with even one (although my 'bargain' with myself when I ordered them was to keep one of each.

      I don't know if it's the resin or the faceups or if there are actual differences between them but they look just barely different enough that it isn't like getting rid of a duplicate.

      So I'm finding myself in possession of a MUCH larger doll family than I ever intended (4 boys, 8 girls plus various MSD+tiny size and countless swappable heads) and am feeling intensely guilty about it.

      Am I the only one who feels that way? Somehow guilty for having more than one of a given doll? (Or just too large a doll family overall).

      Well, I suppose I should be glad that unlike real children they aren't eating me out of house and home... :|

    2. Each one of them looks distinctly different, I can see why you can't choose. If you feel you must cut down on your quantity of dolls, you have a tough choice to make. Don't do it becasue you feel guilty though. If you can afford to keep them... keep them all! :) They are beautiful.

      My partner and I were planning identical F-20 twins, but now it looks like they may be fraternal twins so she can work in anothr sculpt she likes. -__- Oh dolly plans, how you change.
    3. Why feel guilty? If you haven't skipped paying bills, and haven't been feeding your rag-clad children oatmeal and mac-n-cheeze all month, I don't see what you have to guilt over ;) . Seriously, though, it's clear that no two of any of these dolls are exactly alike, and, as other threads have concluded, each one seems to have his/her own personality. If you love them all, keep them and don't fret over it!
    4. I have a nasty tendancy to duplicate molds - Some, like my MNF Elf Shiwoos, are slightly different, others are the same head, same skintone, just different face ups. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty, especially of the rarer heads, but I like my dolls to come in pairs for some reason.
    5. I can't see myself buying the same doll twice.... I'd just get dolls that look similar enough to be twins and pass them off as that. ^^;
    6. I certainly don't have the problem of having too many to the point that I feel guilty (Hehe, only 2 and one on the way). I mostly just stopped by here because Oh my gosh I can see why you can't decide on just one! They are all super cute and they look even cuter together and all dressed like that. They do look simmilar but they are all so slightly different so it would be hard to pick a "better" one.
    7. I have more than one of several models and don't feel the least bit bad or odd about it... Although mine do tend to be "variations on a theme" rather than strictly identical dolls. (ie: I have both the BW and NS version of several sculpts, or both the open-eyed and the dreaming variants... Or one that's been modded and one that hasn't... or even one that's a girl and one that's a boy. ^_^)

      What's important to me is that each of the dolls is a distinct individual, not necessarily that each has a unique sculpt. Even if they share a basic look and model type in common with another doll, they don't look exactly the same. Crane and Tsung-Li, for instance, may both be Standard Els... But I don't think there's any chance of mistaking one of them for the other. :lol:

      So... As long as you can tell them apart and like them both, there's no reason not to keep both. Not being able to pick which one you like better is a pretty good indication that both of them appeal to you pretty strongly. ^_^
    8. If you love them and cash is not a problem, keep them. They're all adorable.
    9. I think twins--identical or not so identical--are perfectly wonderful!

      Guilt and embarassment is just a state of mind, not a hard and fast fact. I'd just try and get over it, if I really liked my dolls! Why feel badly if you don't need to??? :)
    10. You shouldn't feel bad about it... if it's your favourite mold and keeping them doesn't mean that you won't be able to get other dolls you like more, then... I don't see what's the problem :)

      Actually... it would be SOOOOOO cool to see a set of twins like good twin and bad twin... the powers of good twin and the powers of evil twin :lol: By the picture that's not your case, but twins can give you many new possibilities :thumbup
    11. I can see your dilemma, although to me each of these dolls in your picture seem to have a different personality. Anyway yeah, I have an El and I am currently hunting down a Dreaming Vampire El (the only difference is that he has tiny tiny fangs and pointed elf ears) simply because I love the El mold to death! I felt a little bad about wanting to have two of the same mold in the beginning (even if there was a slight difference between the two) but now I really don't care. I'm an El addict and I am proud of it! ^_^
    12. Oh, they're adorable! I don't blame you one bit! I particularly like the girl on the left - she looks adorable with that wig!
    13. I never planned to have twins either; after buying one I realized that I simply had to have the other! I'm not embarrassed by them at all, and have considered making them triplets on more than one occasion. But then BF Jerome is probably my favorite doll of all, so I find myself wanting to buy every one I see for sale. :sweat
    14. I have identical twins planned, and it never crossed my mind that I should feel guilty or embarrassed for wanting two of the same dolls. If it's what I want, and I know that it'll make me happy then I don't see the problem. I say snip down your collection if you want or need to, not because you feel guilty. There's nothing to feel guilty about; just enjoy your dolls!
    15. They are so cute.... They are not the same, they just share the same set of genes~~
    16. You have a very lovely family, and nothing to feel guilty or embarrassed about at all. :)

      While I can see a family resemblance, they each look distinctly different to me.
      More like siblings or cousins than twins. ^_^

      I, myself, live with seven Volks Kohaku/Hisui demons.
      Six boys and one girl, and they all look as different as night and day to me. :)
      Not a real pair of twins in the bunch either, although Luka and Lucifer are sometimes jokingly referred to as twins since they were born at roughly the same time.
      They have the same father, but different mothers. ^_^
    17. They're all adorable!!!

      I don't currently have two identical molds, but I do tend to be drawn towards sculptural families - not character "families," but, like, I love all Chiwoo variants, and I'm a humongous fan of Koodolls/MSdolls, which all look closely related. And if I had endless money and space, I'd probably have a Tiffee army.

      Nah, don't be embarrassed about multiples. Love what you love, and all that hippie jazz. :)
    18. From the start I've been very adamant about not having two of the same mold. I've always felt with so many dolls that I want out there, it's kind of a waste of money and space to have double a mold. I can see having an open-eyed version and a sleepy-eyed version as twins say, but to have two of the exact same mold is just not my preference.

      I've actually come by two SD Nanas (not intentional, long story), one is the first version mold, and the other is the second gen mold. They're not identical scuplts and have different makeup, but I can't help feeling guilty for having them both sometimes. ^^

      I try to avoid the kind of agreements with myself that you've talked yourself into! ;) But if you don't need the funds and you love them all, why not keep them? Several friends of mine have twins or even triplets and they're downright happy.
    19. I have a plan to get twins in the future, but that's just because the two characters are twins in my story. Technically one is a broken piece of the other, so they're basically the same being. Their personalities differ, and one dyes his hair to be different. But.. I'm rambling. In my situation, having two of the exact same mold is a necessity.
    20. I plan on twins. The characters are twins and getting the same mold just makes sense in the situation. so it better be a mold I really like. :3