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'EMBER SET' For BOY @ Luts *_*

Sep 8, 2005

    1. I guess this is the pair to the "Spinel Dress" they released earlier judging by the fact that both are matching time pieces and by the price tag that will take off your arm and a leg.
      But wow! Gorgeous outfit... cute pants XD


    2. I saw that last night. Gorgeous. But yes, far to expensive for my taste. I'd love to see a boy in this and a girl in the Spinel dress together, that is if anyone can afford to buy both of those outfits in such a short period of time. I will have to be content with saving the pictures and trying to recreate something similar later on.
    3. :o

      I'm speechless at such beauty!!
    4. Well, it's cheaper than the Cheerydoll outfit of the same time period, and it comes with shoes (but not a hat). I think I like this one better, really, though I still wouldn't pay that much for a doll outfit when I could probably make something similar myself. If it fit me, however....
    5. Not too big on the colors.. Buuuut I suppose it's a set with the dress. So...meh.

      It's nice.
    6. Like the style, but not the color. If I could get one in black with red trim, though... :D

    7. o.o
      I second that.
    8. :o It's sold out already?! My goodness, for being so expensive, they sure went quickly! *_*
    9. Oh, that's so cute.
    10. ... I need to own that outfit.

      (Oh if only I were built like a CP boy!)

      Love it. Not a fan of the pink. re-cast the thing in a nice dark blue or green and I'd be all over it.
    11. I don't think they've started selling it in the first place. At least, it doesn't have the description at the bottom yet like the girl's dress does. The girl's version appeared to be out-of-stock when it was first put up, too.
    12. I LOVE 18thC dress... I've been eyeing Cheerydoll's outfits longingly for ages!

      It's cool to see Luts making some, although I'm not that crazy over the colors, either.

      If anyone can be commissioned to make outfits that are a bit cheaper (for me, in the $100 to $150 range), I'd love to know about it! :daisy
    13. I really like the colour! =D And the pretty trim they used on it, and the button detail on the trousers. Oh, and the dandy shoes!
    14. Oh, that makes more sense, then. :oops: I almost wish it had sold out, though, because now I'll be pining away for it until it does!
    15. I love the outfit and the color, especially for my boy I'm waiting for. :3 Its a shame I have no money and its a limited tho :( Oh wells.