Preorder [Emerald Court] Handmade Urethane Eyes

Aug 31, 2018

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      We’ve been teasing a couple of urethane eyes over the last week, and are glad to announce that the eyes are now ready for orders!

      These urethane eyes are created by Emerald Court and Painted Wings will be handling their international orders. We have 3 basic colors available for orders right now, but we’re working with the artist to add more colors and designs to the collection over the next couple of months.

      To ensure quality of the eyes, Emerald Court will accept a limited number of orders on a monthly basis. The artist will only start working on each month’s orders at the end of the month.

      As we are still experimenting with new colors and designs, we may occasionally drop a couple of ready-made eyes that are ready to ship immediately. These drops can include new colors and designs and one-off colors!

      For a limited time only, we are also offering Mystery Eye orders! Like all regular orders, these orders are also crafted at the end of each order period. The color and designs you will receive is random, but you may choose a preferred size.

      The current order period runs from now until 30 Sep, 2018. (GMT+8)

      Visit the product pages here for more information:
      Emerald Court Urethane Eyes – Painted Wings BJD

      Sizing guide for eyes can be found here:
      [Emerald Court] Size Guide – Painted Wings
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