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Sep 14, 2005

    1. ... Damn my canadian citizenship. *lol*

      That's pretty cool, would love to see someone around here go for it.
    2. fluency in english, japanese and able to make webpages? doesn't sound like they just want someone to be a cashier
    3. LOL... I have the webpages and the english just that J one I don't have.

      Oh its not so bad desirable.

      1) Fluency in English

      2) The ability of Web designing (Favorable)

      3) Fluency in Japanese (Desirable)
    4. If only I had skills. And lived in L.A. *jealous* ^^
      I also hope someone around here goes for it, it would be cool to hear first-hand experiences!
    5. For the first time ever I wish I lived on the west coast. I would so apply.... but I'm at the opposite end of the country :crushed

      C'mon Volks, open a store in NYC!!!! :cry:
    6. Oh maaaan....I wish I lived there right now!! I may be moving out there for shool sometime soon. We'll see....
    7. Ummm...regardless of the fact that I do not live anywhere near the store I just applied ^^;;;;
      Working there would be awesome. It would be an absolute dream come true for me. I would be willig to move to LA just to work there.
    8. good luck Bailey! I hope you get the job you seem really dedicated!
    9. Ah thanks so much! :D I am on pins and needles here! I know not to expect an answer back a day after the fact but can you blame me for being excited?
      This could change my life completely and I think in a totally positive way!
      Is anyone else from DOA applying? I wonder if they have more than one job. It would be neat for members of DOA to wotk together and in a Volks store no less!
    10. If only I could! :cry: I wish I lived close enough, but a commute from Dallas just isn't going to do it for me.

      Although... do you think the employee discount is pretty decent? :oops: Because then I might be driving quite a bit but saving more money in the long run, even with these gas prices. *_*
    11. Wow :o Dallas is a long drive. Myself personally if I get the job I will be moving to LA or one of the surrounding areas.
    12. I want to apply! I live around 2 hours from L.A! But I have school during the week, and no way to get down there on weekends. :cry: I wonder if I could still apply? haha
    13. good luck, Bailey!
    14. Well the said they were considering part-time applications. You never know until you try!

      And thanks Rynn!!
    15. I don't have a very good ability in web design...nor can I speak fluent Japanese. :oops:

      Plus I don't think I have anything for #'s 7, 8, and 9.

      Gah! I want to work there, though! :cry:
    16. I am so with you on that one! Though if it were in NYC I would lose a loooottttt of money. ^_^

      I kind of wish it were a Showroom, though. I want the FCS option, clearly, but I also want the full line of Dollfies. Maybe they'll make an exception and let Dollfies into this Sumika, though, since we don't have SRs here? Honestly, with the price point of SDs what it is, I think it would a huge mistake to not carry regular dollfies. Anyone can afford those, and they're a huge gateway drug to SDs. I think they'll wind up selling a lot more SDs and MSDs if they stock the store with Dollfies as well.

      FWD - (Ah! Just realized I'm still listed as being in Chicago)
    17. If you live in the area you should definitely still apply! They basically just want a resume. Being on DOA will clearly count as a qualification in your cover letter. (Hell, how better to demonstrate passion for the company? Also that you have your finger on the pulse of the American BJD market.) 8 is references. Do you have professors or previous employers who could speak for your ability to handle a basic retail job?

      As for 9 (also the portfolio section of 8, which does not I think belong in references), do you make any clothes or do any faceups? If you take good pictures of those they will count. Otherwise just dress your dolls (um. Volks only.) in the coolest mix-n-match ensembles you can figure out and take pictures of them. Borrow friends dolls as models if you can. Then put them up on a site as evidence of "Doll styling" skill/experience. Styling is most of what you'd be doing for in-store Volks displays, so that definitely counts as a skill for this.

      ... umm... yeah. Sorry about the ramble! (I'm kind of in the middle of a resume-flinging frenzy of a job hunt. Too bad I'm in NYC and not looking for retail. (yet))

    18. **cries** I'm (obviously) fluent in English, I speak passable Japanese, and i can do web deisgning!

      But I live in WA, not CA!


      I'm tempted to apply, but....I don't think it would work out. I'm not quite done with school (first college degree) and can't transfer the credits I've got out of state, I've GOT a good (nocturnal, cause when given the option, I am) new job....

      Though I might be able to get hired....I could never turn up for work!

      What do you all think?
    19. lol now i think if they had one in singapore i'll apply :P

      oh well if anyone gets in please keep us informed? lol :P