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~ Enchanted Doll ~ ASA and EN-DO - Faceup Option by ED available

Apr 10, 2007

    1. 2 Beautiful heads by Enchanted Doll!

      Available to ORDER NOW!

      I am running an Australian Pre-order (International Orders welcome).

      Please email me HERE if you are interested :D


      As a Girl

      As a Boy

      No Makeup




      No Makeup

      Details for the heads are as follows:


      Enchanted Doll EDD-ENDO head

      Size : SD13

      Skin color : normal

      Eyes : 16 or 18mm eyes

      Head size : 10 inches

      Price : 125 US dollar

      ENDO is compatible with a new Volks pure body.

      Enchanted Doll EDD-ASA head

      Size : SD9 (slightly smaller head)

      Skin color : normal

      Eyes : 18 or 20mm eyes

      Head size : 8 inches

      Price : 125 US dollar

      ASA is compatible with a new Volks pure body.

    2. can you please post a website link to where these are available to everyone? or is this only a pre-order post for australiaz?
    3. The heads are released by Enchanted doll (their official site: http://e-d.lil.to/) to all their distributors.

      I am the Australian/Nz distributor for their items. The pre-order though. is open to anyone because i can ship internationally.
    4. Are there any photos of the heads without face-up? Or do they come with face-up only? And how long is the ordering period? They're really lovely, both of them (or all three, if you count the boy Asa as a different head).
    5. I will ask for you :D
    6. These are quite lovely! I especially love Asa. Do you have any info on the order period? How much would one of those gorgeous faceups be? How much would shipping be? I live in western WA zip 98502
      Love ED eyes BTW!
    7. Kyona, is taking make-up order now.

      The price of make-up per one head is 110 US dollar.

      And extra fee(Shipping fee, removing fee of old make-up, Eyelashes) is 66 US dollar.

      Total sum is 176 US dollar.

      ♣ use a VOLKS's eyelashes.
      ♣ You can take a re-makeup service once.

      If at all possible, please order me eyes, heads and make-up at a time.

      If you order through pre-order, shipping fee will not apply instead you will just pay the shipping fee from me to you.
    8. Added no makeup photos :D