Update Enchanted Doll eyes Australia is closed

Jun 10, 2009

    1. http://edeyes.lemonskies.net
      ED eyes Australia is now closed. I don't have the time to manage group orders anymore. Sorry and thanks for your support!
    2. Do you know how often you'll be doing these orders? I'm not looking to buy any during June but might want to in the future.
    3. I'll open ordering as often as I can. ^^ Once one order is finished (that is, I've delivered all the eyes to everyone) then I'll open up the next one. It also depends on if I have enough eyes to fill out one pre-order period. If I need to extend the date, then there'll be fewer orders. =] I'm thinking around every 3-4 months?
    4. Just a reminder that there are 5 days left of the ordering period. =]
    5. The ordering period has been extended. =] Ordering is now open until we reach the minimum number of 11 pairs of eyes.
    6. All eyes are now 10% off for this order period! ^^
      Edit: *8mm and 10mm eyes have been reduced by $5 USD ($35 > $30), so the discount does not apply to these two sizes.
    7. Ordering is once again open! ^^