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Enchanted Doll Eyes Feedback (2008)

Feb 21, 2008

    1. Ok, I have not recieved any eyes from them yet, but I ordered a pair of eyes through Enchanted Doll Eyes. Because of the Lunar New Year, it is halted my order, but I have been in constant communication with them. Apparently, they make the eyes custom when you place the order. They look really nice, have a WIDE range of colors, and have a lot customizable features. Whenever I needed to contact the seller, she would always send her emails with a return reciept, to ensure that I read them, which I like. It makes me feel secure that she isn't going to forget about me. She also sent me an offer to change the pupil color. They had just updated their pupil color chart and she sent a 'flyer' of sort with a request if I wanted to keep the pupils the same color or if I wanted to change the color (for free!) since their selection was updated. Talk about great communication!

      So, does anyone have any eyes from Enchanted Doll eyes? What was your experience with them? Sure, it has taken forever and I can't wait for my eyes to come in, but my experience with them has been great so far and I would love to hear from others.
    2. Enchanted eyes are lovely! Since urethane eyes are custom handmade, they all usually take around 2-3 months. They are definitely worth the wait. Once I got a pair of urethanes, I couldn't use any other type.

      In the picture request database, there is a Enchanted Doll Eye gallery, and other urethane eye galleries. :)

      Oh PS. The eye colors usually look somewhat different in RL than the default site pictures. Its good to look the colors up in the galleries here to see what they actually look like.
    3. I have two pair of them and I have to say they really are lovely. What I love about urethane eyes are they are really lovely in person and in photos though a bit delicate and should be kept away from direct sunlight. Also be careful not to use oil based putties or it may cloud the eyes.

      I usually get them through Aimee who is the US dealer. They do take two to three months but are well worth the wait.

      Actually just put an order for 4 pair through Aimee which should be going out end of February.
    4. Neon, I checked the gallery. I wanted to make sure my Freya would look stunning, but even given variations and light differences, cammer and computer screen differences, I'm sure that the eyes will be beautiful. I ordered a set of blue eyes, #23 on the chart (I think). **giddy**

      Wow! I heard these eyes were addictive, I should have taken it seriously! And thank for the advice on the putty, AreeElf. I'll have to check to make sure my Freya doesn't have an oil-based putty. I've ordered some new putty through Mimiwoo on ebay, so hopefully that will work out good.
    5. these eyes are beautiful. i have 2 pairs and just ordered 2 more from aimee. i happen to have a few cat bjds and the cat eyes that enchanted makes are beautiful. i love how you can customize pupil and iris color and they look awesome in person and in photographs.
    6. I bought a few pairs from them :)

      On the whole they shipped much faster than my gumdrops and about the same for my mystic eyes. One pair I was really happy with and looked pretty much like on the site (#26 ED) but the other pair were waaaay off. They looked blue in the photos but arrived purple (I think it was #43 or something) the second pair don't photograph well in lower light and by adjusting the levels the colour appears bluer in photos so was a little deceiving.

      I would suggest taking a gander at owner pics available in the photo request forum for mroe accurate colours in various lighting conditions :)

      Overall though I'm very happy with the quality.
    7. I :aheartbea all my Enchanted Doll eyes! :fangirl: Yuki has ED #39, Camille has ED #33 (and #42, he hasn't tried them yet though, because he gets too many compliments about his grey eyes) and Khadaj has custom green and blue cat eyes (and a S8 pair coming too).
    8. I am just wonder is there anybody here could help me? I am planning to order some eyes from Enchanted doll eye. But a bit confuse by the shipping price. Is the price it stated on the website is for 1-9 pair of eyes or for each pair of eyes you need to pay that amount. Also where do you sent email to ask about order question.
      Also to double check this is the right web site right?