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Enchanted Doll Eyes has a new Make-up Event

Jul 16, 2009

    1. (If you wish you can contact her directly through here to place an order or reconfirm this sale before sending money to her, make sure to click on "KYONA" and on the left side, click on "ORDER": http://kyona.byus.net/eng_main.htm )


      Hello, this is KYONA in Enchanted Doll.

      I have a good news for you and your customers, it's SALE EVENT about face_up service.

      I'll cut a price down of face_up service.

      - During 2 months from now (now~until 14th. Sep.)

      I'll give you 40% discount, so you can order just $60USD.

      (it's not included price for shipping fee,extra charge)


      The total price of face_up service is $100USD(1 HEAD)
      It's a breakdown is;
      ♣ Price of makeup for 1 head is 50USD(100USD -> 50USD(40% off)
      ♣ Old makeup remove and EMS shipping fee is 40USD(it apply to one charge)
      ♣ Eyelashes 10USD(use a VOLKS's eyelashes.)
      ♣ You can take a re-makeup service once.

      And I'm so sorry, you HAVE TO send me the payment BY EMS. Please~^^;
      Because I don't have Pay-Pal and my bank is not include remittance service from abroad.
      Please, send me-your doll's head with payment by EMS.

      Would you publicity about this event on your web and your community?

      I should be most obliged if you would grant my request and I hope it will be not make you difficult situation ^^;

      Really I hope this event will be good chance for B.J.D owners in your country.
      Thank you very much :)

    2. hello,i have sent kyona a message via enchanted,i am interested her doing a face up for me at the discount price,but i am having trouble understanding the site as very little is in english,and i cannot translate very well,
      how much in total would it cost for removal of old face up,new lashes,new face up and ems shipping to the uk cost?
      also how long does it take to have a face up finished approx?
      and when she says please send payment by ems,does that mean send a cash payment inside the box along with the head?do i send in uk pounds or us dollars?
      also the uk does not have ems shipping,we only have global priority,international signed for or airsure,which one should i use to send the head to?and where do i send the head to?

      so many questions sorry
    3. Unfortunately this isn't really my area as Kyona only asked me to post this where I can so I can only answer a few questions.

      I believe the total for Head Make-up, EMS, removal of old make-up, new lashes is $100 USD for everyone. Though, I might be wrong but she did not indicate at all that it is only for US & Canadian customers.

      I think you could probably try to send International Money Order to her instead of Cash as it is much safer. As for conversion rates, I think it is better to ask her instead. I don't think she really gave it much thought and did not consider that international owners would want make-up from her.

      As for the shipping option, sending it by anything registered should be fine. As long as it gets to her, it doesn't have to be EMS. You would need to ask her for her address. They usually give the address when they confirm your order. Though I think it would be better if you asked for it directly when you post an order/question in her Order boards.

      Sorry if I'm not much help, it is better if you ask her directly. Just try to keep it in simple English as possible and group all your questions.