Preorder Enchanted Doll Eyes * Limited Marble Eye Preorder Closing Today, March 15

Mar 12, 2018

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      [​IMG] Marble Eye Preorder Period Closing: Today, March 15, 2018 @ 11:59PM PST [​IMG]

      Save the Date * Enchanted Doll Eyes - Limited Spring Blossom Marble Eye Preorder

      The Enchanted Doll Eyes Marble Collection is an exclusive collection with limited preorder sales.

      Every other month, a new set of Marble colors is available for preorder in a short window in limited quantities.

      After that preorder window, the colors are permanently retired.

      The eye colors will not be available for preorder again after this period.

      Dollsong Etsy * Dollsong Main Site


      Dollsong is a dedicated BJD-oriented shop.
      Current offerings include urethane eyes and OOAK outfits for tiny BJDs and MSD. We're an official Enchanted Doll eyes representative. Located in Florida, USA.

      Learn more about us and our love for BJDs at or visit our storefront on Etsy.
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    2. To confirm the exact time of the Spring Blossom Marble Eye preorder close: it will specifically be closing at 11:59pm PST tonight. [​IMG] Time Zone Converter.