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Contest Enchanted Doll eyes Worldwide - PHOTO CONTEST !!!

Jan 25, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      Enchanted Doll Eyes
      2012 PHOTO CONTEST !!

      (Photo Contest page can be found in the main website.)
      (It is under the NEWS Button.)


      Submit your photos and hopefully win a prize!
      This contest is open to
      everyone worldwide. You can submit your photo to your respective
      Dealer for each Country or you can directly submit your photo to
      the link below. Please read the rules first.

      Starting Date : January 25, 2012
      Ending Date : February 8, 2012
      Announcement of Winners Date : February 14, 2012
      Time for winners to decide on their prize(s) : February 14 ~ 21, 2012

      * First Prize (1 WINNER) - 1 pair of custom eyes + 1 random pair of eyes
      * 2nd Prize (1 WINNER) - 1 custom pair of eyes
      * 3rd Prize (1 WINNER) - 1 random pair of eyes

      PRIZES @ ED'S WEBSITE ( Countries w/ no dealer only )
      * First Prize (2 WINNERS) - 1 pair of custom eyes + 1 random pair of eyes
      * 2nd Prize (3 WINNERS) - 1 custom pair of eyes
      * 3rd Prize (3 WINNERS) - 1 random pair of eyes

      * You can only choose the size of eyes for random eyes.
      * There are prizes for each countries we have ED
      dealers for. (Only one winner for each prize category.)
      * 2 persons for the first prize, 3 persons each for the
      second and third prize categories for other countries w/ no Dealer.
      * Please write down your country and the city you live in when
      you apply to the contest for the countries not on the list.

      * Pictures should be taken with ED eyes in the doll.
      * A participant can submit two pictures at most,
      and in each picture, the doll must have different eyes.
      * Please write the color, size, dome of eyes in your submission.
      * Winner's pictures can/will be used by Enchanted Doll Eyes.

      * It should be easy to see the eyes.
      Eyes should be a big part of the pictures and the
      pictures should be in color, not white/grey.


      Korea | Japan | Hong Kong & Taiwan | China
      USA | Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand | Others


    2. Wow, thanks so much for linking to me (USA) - my thread has not been approved yet. I am most grateful :D
    3. Hello Ban Sidh. ED has linked you to their official contest page so I have included you. ^^ Mary Mama has told me that the page she put up is the one she would like me to use for information.


      Some have asked regarding those that have respective dealers but cannot find a way to submit to their respective dealer. There is no rule to submitting your picture to the main ED website but you will have lower chances of winning since much more people will submit to the main website.

      If you cannot find a form or any announcement regarding the submitting of entries to your own dealer, you will need to e-mail or contact the agent directly if you would like to enter your country's contest. You will definitely have more chances winning there than submitting it to a place where many people are submitting it to.

      If you are having much trouble finding it, please just contact me and I will help you get in touch with the agent and give you the necessary info to give them your photos.
    4. Where can I find the results?
      Thanks ^-~ !
    5. Thanks Kamui ^-^
      Where can I get the email-address of the host? Sorry, I seem to have problems displaying the site with my browser >.<