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Enchanted eyes- new Sweety eyes.

Mar 15, 2006

    1. http://kyona.byus.net/eng_main.htm

      Wonderful. Another nice eyes...*.*
      The price and larger pictures are not updated yet.

      EDIT: I removed direct image link. ^_^
      You can see the pictures in their website. Thank you!
    2. Ooh!! These eyes are beautiful!

      Pardon my lack of knowledge, but how different are the candy eyes as compared to the normal urethane eyes? And are these candy eyes more expensive? X3
    3. The difference seems to be that these eyes have white striations like some glass eyes, rather than the normal Enchanted doll eyes-- so, it's not quite like EA eye-candies, which has its striations right in the color material itself.

      Admittedly, the names will get even more confusing..
    4. I'm quite sure that those are GLASS not Urethane! Oh my!!!!


      If there is a group order count me in!
    5. I'm pretty sure they're urethane. If you go to the main site, it says that they stopped making glass eyes last year. They just look like much brighter colors to me, but very beautiful!
    6. I second that!! I wonder if Blanki is ready to do another one?! I'm in for a few pairs :)

      They look quite urethane-like to me (there is alot of shine don't you think?) but ED eyes are SO fabulous even if they are urethane. It was last year they said they were switching to glass and then they changed their minds for some reason (they did make glass for a while). Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I really wish they would switch to glass though since it is nicer.

    7. The title of the webpage is "E-D Urethane Eyes-color chart" So I'm pretty sure they are urethane.

      I hope they're not too pricey. There are SO many colors there that I would love to have.
    8. They have nice colors... although... is it normal for the irises not to be centered?
    9. These eyes are high dome in person I was surprised when mine arrived I thought that it was a mistake and I got high dome but no. Keep that in mind if you are bothered by that, it can make the pupil seem off (not seem to look ahead) depending on how you look at the eyes. You can see that if you look at the color samples.
    10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...but I think that for 16mm and above you can request if you want high or low dome.

      And then for 14mm and smaller only low dome is available.

      Anyhow, so that might not be an issue for you depending on what size you order :D
    11. I recently got a pair of ED eyes second hand, 14mm size. The dome is the exact same as my EA eye candies eyes. Is that low dome? I don't really know the difference. ^^;
    12. ACK my to-buy list just got ridiculously huge! Yay for lighter purple and light green and...

      That's strange, I distinctly remember that the 16mm EA dandy grays that you bought from me had a much bigger dome than my 16mm ED low-domes. Maybe they started offering a choice for 14mm?

    13. it would be 14mm ...I would have ...so it could possibly be low dome
      :aheartbea I would definatly buy ...such nice colours
    14. I've never seen another pair of ED eyes besides the ones I just got...but the dome is the same as my 14mm eye candies, and proportionally the same as those 16mm ones you sold me. (Which look awesome in my Kiss, Jian Mei, by the way. :3 ) So I'm guessing it probably is high dome. I'll have to take them out of Xiyang Jin and take side view pictures when I get home, I guess.

      Edit- I looked at the ED site, and it says 12mm, 14mm, and 22mm have 'common' dome. I have no idea what that means, though. O_o
    15. out of curiosity, how much did the eye candies go for before? i know the new prices haven't been released yet; i just need to know the ballpark i'm dealing with here. ^^;
    16. They run between $50-60 depending on what you get. Maybe more for custom eyes.

      I just got an email from Blanki and she says she will be doing another pre-order for the regular and new colours about mid-April :) The pre-orders take about 3 months to fill but are worth it IMO.

      Hope that helps

      EDIT - Blanki just posted some news in this thread... http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=684904#post684904 if you're interested.

      PS - Because someone asked... I'm in no way associated with Blanki or ED eyes business-wise. I've been in on Blanki's orders before and they always turn out great and the eyes are awesome. My interest is all personal - I'm an eye addict ;)
    17. Okay -- somebody help please --

      I saw the diff between high and low dome in the linked thread here. Which should I get? Does it REALLY matter? Why do some of you prefer high dome to regular? What's the diff?

      Anyway, I probably shouldn't ask in this thread but I wasn't sure where to ask instead...:)
    18. Even the low dome seem high to me!! I would advise you to order low dome. The difference would be in the amount of Curve to the dome shape its deeper meaning they are taller in the high.

    19. These eyes are "Candy Eyes" and is different from the Eye Candies. I don't know why ED had to use a similar name as the Eye Candies. O_o Many will get confused because of it.