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ENDS TONIGHT! Supia Open Ordering Period with new limiteds!

Nov 7, 2007

    1. Hello everyone,

      :aheartbea SUPIA DOLL OFFICALLY OPENS ORDERING PERIOD November 7-14, 2007 :aheartbea
      __> go to Supia's official international home at www.supiadolls.com

      ~~Dolls available this time: 58cm Roda, Rosy, Yan and Yisol.~~
      Clothing available: we have some new items, which I will show you tomorrow..

      NEW LIMITED EDITION DOLLS are online now.
      Let's take a peek!


      Fairy Ice Roda is in a limited edition LE-1, only one to be sold worldwide.

      She comes with a beautiful fairy dress, leather shoes, and a really cool hair ornament.

      Next is our limited edition Rosy!

      CUTY PANDA ROSY is a LE or 10
      Gah, elegant and cute at the same time.
      That's a cool quilted jacket, and underneath she's all too cute in pink...
      Oodles of jewels on the charm bracelet style skirt, necklace, and hair ornament...


      Next, here is Yan~

      CUTY HONEY YAN is in a limited edition of ten

      Eeep! She's really, really cute...


      My "Cute-O-Meter" needle just broke...
      The cuteness .. the cuteness!


      All shoes are very high quality handmade leather. Outfits by Boutique Supia (Jinnie & Lee).

      I'll share the new nonlimited separate outfits with you tomorrow. There are so many new things, I just didn't have enough time.


      P.S. Coming soon... BABY SUPIA! Hope to see it by the end of next month!
    2. I just go and see supia dolls,on the site and each one is beautiful. I love yisol..... is it possible to see differences between resin please because I think tanned urethane is different from tanned french resin no ? I like natural skin and I don't know what to choose
    3. Hello~~
      Tinybear- yes, BABY SUPIA will be a tiny.

      On the bottom of our home page at www.supiadolls.com, there is a chart with all the resin colors and descriptions. Due to monitor and lighting differences, these will not be really accurate but you can use them to compare against each other. On my monitor, these colors look darker than the actual dolls.

      (see chart at bottom of www.supiadolls.com)
      White French Resin
      Pinky White French Resin
      Beauty White Urethane Resin
      Normal Beige Urethane Resin
      Tanned Urethane Resin

      Description: Alabaster White This is a semi-translucent resin with undertones of ivory. Gives and ethereal glowing lookPinky White A semi-translucent resin with undertones of pink, giving a very lifelike and glowing look. Appears lighter than the photo above.Beauty White UrethaneA matte-white resin, slight ivory undertonesNormal Beige UrethaneA white resin with undertones of warm beige. Appears lighter than the photo aboveTanned UrethaneA warm creamy resin, slight sheen, very high quality and even coloring.Resin careAll resins should be guarded against heat and UV exposure.
    4. Catrina- If we order Yisol now, will we be able to add the 43cm shoes when they are available on the website to that existing order? Thanks!
    5. Yes you can order the shoes at the same time as your doll.

    6. Bump for LAST CALL.

      We are closing the order this evening, so we can send it to Supia immediately.

      Please make your final selections and send it to us, so you can get included in this order.

      The web site is open now at www.supiadolls.com

      Next order won't be until January 2008.

      Happy Holidays from Supia Dolls international and Supia Korea.

      Kim Yu Jin, Sang and Catrina