english dollmore site opened.

Jun 3, 2005

    1. thanks fantastic! :D
      Im gonna bookmark it
    2. Lovely! Thanks for letting us know :daisy
    3. Yay, that's fantastic! Thank you!
    4. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know.

      And...is it just me or does Dollmore's acrylic eyes look like sweet, delicious candy?


    5. LOL , that sent me dashing off to Dollmore
      and we`ve killed them LOL
      I think we have used up all their Bandwidth for the day

      must check those eyes ..now I have H ,I want beautiful eyes !
    6. Those acrylic eyes are beautiful! *_*
    7. Does this site replace the Dollmoreusa site, then, or will they be operating alongside each other?

    8. aww, you beat me to it. i just got that email this morning. [:
      good thing they have an english site now, because there are some new clothes that i neeeeeed. hehe.
    9. Oooh, brilliant! I was just about to order from the USA one!
    10. :o Dollmore's shoes are so cute and cheap!

      *orders some like whoa*
    11. You'd think shipping would be a little less though... two pairs of trainers - $12, shipping - $17 O_o
    12. yay~ they have hound in stock. *w* maybe I will GET HIM YET!
    13. I can't open the site? tried last night and today? :cry:
    14. I just got into the site, no problem.


      That White Dean hurt my brain...


      I love the description. "Gentle and attractive ball-jointed doll. He is a New Yorker who specializes in modern art and economics at the New York University. He has distinctive and manly muscle, realistic features as well."


    15. hi tried to get into site myself a few times and have been unsuccesful.Screen says day traffic limit excess what does that mean? anyone help!! :daisy :crushed
    16. "Does this site replace the Dollmoreusa site, then, or will they be operating alongside each other?


      Dollmore USA is operating independent of the English site. Hyon will still be around that is for sure!!!
    17. *bookmarks*

      Most excellent. Thank you!
    18. Hey guys.. I still can't view the site?
      I can open dollmore.com ... but not dollmore.net? I don't even get a screen saying anything?!!! :cry: