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English Lessons from Volks for well wishes!

Aug 20, 2005

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/news/index_news47.html

      Hai, Sara. Uerukamu tu Dorupa Nagoya. Puriizu enjoi Dorupa.

      It's for an ill girl. The Make a Wish Foundation's taking her to Dollpa Nagoya. I didn't think they'd do something like that...
    2. *giggles*
    3. Well, I feel like crap now.
    4. That's really nice of Volks, to put out a public request to all their attendees like that! ^_^ I'm not acquainted with the girl in question, but I hope she has a lovely time at Dolpa.
    5. You could always edit your first post/topic title? =^^=?

      I don't know her either, but I do hope it's everything she dreamed it would be. =*^^*=
    6. That's so wonderful of Volks to do that, and I hope she has a memorable time.
    7. That is a really nice thing for Volks to do, hope she has a great time!
    8. That's so wonderful!! :cry:

      I wish the best for Sarah and that she has a great time at the Dolpa :daisy
    9. I really hope the Dollpa is everything she hoped it would be too!

      I hope Volks does something really special for her too, like making her her own one-off, or giving her one of the limiteds or let her make an FCS ...

      because Make-A-Wish doesn't send people to Japan on a whim... :(
    10. Oh... I didn't know she was that sick... ;-; She just commissioned something from me... this must have been the trip to Japan she'd been talking about.

      That's so nice of Volks~! ^-^ I just love it when companies think about their customers on such a heartwarming level...
    11. That's so sweet of them.
    12. Awwww that's so sweet and kind of VOlks!! Cuteee!
    13. That is so friggin awsome! Is Sara a member here?
      I've had 3-4 family members with terminal illnesses and trust me, nothing is a better medicine than doing/seeing something you love to do/see. It really lifts spirits and for that time, makes you forget about the troubles of life. I really hope she has tons of fun:) Volks you are so amazing! *jen
    14. Yes, Sarah is a member here, though I'm not sure if she wants her username to be known or not ^^;
    15. What a sweet thing to do :D I hope she will enjoy her stay at the dolpha :grin:
    16. That's so nice. ^_^ I imagine Volks wants to be sure people don't avoid talking to her because they're concerned about their English skills.

      I hope Sarah's dreams come true!
    17. it's a great charity
      my friend got sent to disneyworld when she had leukemia but was too sick to actually go on any rides or even go and hug the people in suits... but she is now totally healthy she just has thinner hair than most people...she scammed the charity by getting better is what she says >_<

      the little phrases are so cute! I hope people do use them I'm sure it'll give her a laugh!
      I love this kind of english it makes me squee!
    18. I hope she sees this thread and knows we're all wishing her well. **hugs**
    19. Make-A-Wish is a great organization.

      I hope Sarah has an absolutely wonderful time in Japan, at Dolpa, at Tenshi no Sato, etc.!! :D :D :D