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Entering your doll in a fair

Jun 28, 2010

    1. Our county fair is coming up and my husband thinks that I should enter one of my dolls in it...not because of any big prize or anything, but just so people can see a neat looking doll. I haven't called the organizers of the class yet, but I think the would put her in a locked glass case. Still, I'm a little nervous about leaving Suki at the fairgrounds where there's a possibility she could be stolen or damaged. Hubby doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, but I think I would worry too much.

      Would any of you consider entering your doll in some sort of fair or exhibition? If so would you be comfortable leaving them there when you aren't there?
    2. Maybe but I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about. I get that fairs have competitions, but I'm very curious about the doll competition. What do they judge on?
    3. I love the thought of sharing my dolls with people, and contests are tons of fun. But personally, i am not crazy about leaving my doll over night, any where. Like you, i would worry, and i would hate the though of someone stealing them. So I do not believe I would enter a contest where i would have to leave them overnight somewhere.
    4. I've seen dolls in fairs, like in the textiles section because people made dresses for them and stuff. They were in glass cases. :3
      I wouldn't worry.. who's going to break into the textiles exhibits, little old ladies?
      Sounds like a cool idea to me. :3
    5. Probably only at a doll fair, where there where other people around who may know how to handle a BJD. Otherwise I'd be too paranoid to enjoy myself.
    6. I guess the other question would be if they'd be insured for loss and/or damage to the objects. I personally wouldn't let my boy out of my sight, but then again, I'm a new doll owner.

    7. i enter our version of a fair every year with my dolls. It's one of the largest agricultural shows and runs for a fortnight (the royal easter show in sydney). the last few years i have used my bjds. I enter the doll dressing section and think it's great fun to have the bjds in there among the porcelain types! I won my section this year with my puki.
      If you enjoy going to your local fair, then i think it's a good idea to enter. If people don't enter, you end up with very little to go and see.
      I try to make my enteries as interesting as possible, think of the kids that get to see someting really unusual!
    8. I've thought of that, myself, but ultimately decided not to. Not all of the exhibit halls are air conditioned, for starters -- most are, but the one for 'hobbyists' displays (which includes doll collections) usually is not and I don't think my BJD's would get put in with the craft/handmade/art type exhibits in the nicer hall.

      And of course I'd worry about theft, though really, it is kind of silly as there are all kinds of valuable displays and the cases are locked; not to mention that "weird dolls" probably aren't what a thief would think to steal anyway. xD But I would miss my dolls too much, I think, anyway!
    9. Sounds like fun to me, I have never been to a fair, not really the thing around here, at least for my generation of 20 somethings. I would love to do something like a doll dressing competition though! I would only do it if there was a competition for something though - sewing or whatever, not as just a display, just cause it would not be as fun for me.
    10. I've actually come very close to entering my own doll collection in the local county fair. Not as a contest entry, but in their "collections exhibition" area. I've even gone so far as to look into places where I could purchase UV-resistant acrylic sheets to place inside the display case, to protect the dolls from any ambient light during the week they would be on display. I've never actually done it, though.
    11. I enjoy seeing other people's dolls at our state fair, but would be anxious about leaving one of my own dolls there.
    12. I've thought about it, but . . . even though I may be anxious for no reason, I'm just too nervous about security as well as temperature/humidity control in the big Quonset hut that's our county fair's exhibit hall. I have entered sweaters I've made for BJDs and done well in the ribbon count, though.
    13. I would never leave a BJD at any major Los Angeles fair (I live in California). The possibility of incidental damage (dis-interested workers trying to move a case, fer instance) would be too great. If you trust your local fair, I think it would be a great way to introduce more people to BJD. This also made me think of small art galleries diplaying independent artrists. Would BJD fit in this category?
    14. I'm a doll maker (cloth dolls) as well as a doll collector, and I have considered, on occasion, entering one of my handmade dolls into the fair...but I've never been able to do it. Not only is there a concern about damage and/or theft, but I simply couldn't bear the thought of handing all control of my doll over to complete strangers for a whole week.

      I couldn't possibly imagine doing something like that with Chae-ri.
    15. It sounds like a fun idea -- I love fairs and used to enter the 4-H classes in my county fair's horse show when I was in high school. It never occurred to me to enter doll related crafts, but it makes sense that that would be an option.
    16. I would love to do that even if I was worryed, but I think at the fair closest to me wouldnt have a place for just showing off a doll and not having made the clothes. The heat would worry me, but the area they keep the exhibits are cooled I think.
      I dont think there has been things stolen from those exhibits. I think I wanna look into this!
    17. The county fair is coming up here too and I was thinking of entering him in the "clothes for dolls" section. However, there are two problems: I am extremely worried about damage or him being stolen, and I don't have any sort of locked case to keep him in or a stand to keep him standing up. Second, he's a boy! I doubt any dolls in the competition have ever been boy dolls (and he's a feminine-looking thing too) and I'm not sure how they would respond to that. Most would be little girl dolls wearing pretty summer dresses. My mother says that I should just make him a dress and stuff the top portion. Dx
    18. I think my biggest concern would be that I have seen the exhibit halls of the State Fair and they are all very, very brightly lit. I would be quite concerned about yellowing.
    19. I actually think this is a rather interesting idea and never really thought about it! 6,6 I live pretty near to the fairgrounds and I've entered into the drawing and photography section but never knew there was a doll one. I'll have to look into it and find out more information! The fair was really good at taking care of my drawings so most likely I can probably trust them with my doll if I were to enter her. ^^ But yes, the only concern I would have is the temperature inside of the place they'll be displayed at (even though I remember them always being cold O.o) and if bright lights will have any effect on the yellowing, which I don't think so as it's electricity.
    20. I never thought of doing that, I'd probably worried too about stolen or damaged, and wouldn't enter... not that I can, just looked up my local fair and dolls must be no taller than 50cm (does this occur at most/other fairs?) so that leaves my dolls (I ony have SDs) out. XD