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Environmentally friendly/safe resin

Dec 15, 2009

    1. Ringdoll and a few other companies are using "Canadian resin." They say it does not yellow like French resin and is safe for the environment.

      It is semi transluscent and doesn't have the strong plastic smell of regular urethane resin.

      Does anyone know what exactly this resin is or has any one had a particularly good or bad experience with it?
    2. I've been wondering this too! I think it might be a semi-translucent resin since that's what it looks really similar too~
    3. Yay! Someone else is curious too. XD
    4. Their site says it's a special environmental resin. What this means, we are not sure. I'm sure you could contact the company itself via email for more detailed info.
    5. Rosslyn, thank you. That is a better idea.^^;
    6. My Ringdoll agent has told me that the resin Ringdoll uses is from Canada.

      "RINGDOLL Resin: Canadian non-solvent-based resin of environmental protection, and its strength is more strong than ordinary resin, reduce the failure rate, through ultraviolet radiation test resin has anti-UV properties and anti-yellowing, and itself will distribute a certain fragrance, he has a certain degree of transparency, dolls hand-to-skin touch like a real person MOISTURE smooth skin."


      Ringdoll Resin: Canadian non-solvent-based resin with environment protection. It's stronger than ordinary resin, thus cannot be easily broken. Through ultraviolet radiation tests, this resin has anti-UV properties and anti-yellowing. It will distribute a certain fragrance and has a certain degree of transparency. It feels like real, smooth skin.
    7. hmm, Thank you. ^_^ I sent them a message and I assume they will tell me the same thing.
    8. (Speaking of Ringdoll, hi louisielle, the head's all boxed up and ready to go so I can't look at him closely to see) The ringdoll I had didn't really seem like it was made of some French-resin like substance. Lots of newer urethane resins (such as the newer Volks) have a slightly translucent property and this didn't seem more like French resin than those. Maybe the fact that it was so much yellower than I had hoped just distracted me from all its other properties ... Anyway, maybe it's super break-proof (obviously I didn't try that out). The resin seems to be of a nice quality (heavy with enough "tooth" to paint easily).
    9. (Hello laeticia. Thanks! I can't wait to see him. ^__^)

      This is the reply I received from Ringdoll for my question:
      Dear Elle
      thank you for your message
      we are use canada 's resin the same french resin!
    10. I have been very curious about this as well and am happy to hear that answer since I have a Ringdoll boy planned for next year
    11. That's pretty cool! It's neat to think that dolls are contributing to the scientific advancements in resin :P
    12. Thank you for the information . I'm waiting for my Dylan ....I wonder what she will smell like ? hahahaha
    13. Probably a Canadian pine resin?

      And how can it be more environmentally friendly when they have to ship the stuff from Canada to China/Korea/Japan?*


      *Delete as applicable.
    14. This is great to hear, as I have a ringdoll boy in the (very long) pipeline! But how can it be environmentally friendly? It's a plastic, isn't it? Surely it'll still have noxious fumes and toxins and all the rest?
      Also intrigued about the "MOISTURE!" skin ^^
    15. Well, not all plastics are made from oil. Natural resins are made from tree sap, Bakelite is a non-oil polymer (I think coal, but don't quote me on that) and some modern biodegradable plastics are also not oil based (some used in biodegradable plastic bags are actually plant based IIRC).

      And, if you want something to last forever, plastic is the best material to use simply because it doesn't (usually) bio-degrade - PVC Windows is a case in point - they can last up to 50 years before replacement with minimal maintenance. Wood and metal window frames you have to strip back and repaint at least every second year, meaning that you are using many nasty chemicals to keep them from rotting or rusting, chemicals that you are not using on PVC window frames.

      It's not a case of one material is bad and another material is good for the environment - it's more like this use of a material is good and another is bad.

      Hopefully, these resin dolls will one day be heirlooms, even antiques in about a hundred years. A legacy for your children's children...

    16. Nothing against anyone's hopes, but I wouldn't think to declare anything a possible "heirloom" until someone says something about the degradability rate of this type of plastic. Just because it doesn't change color as fast because of UV radiation doesn't necessarily mean that the basic chemical bonds of the plastic itself are as strong as the traditional resins used. Most "environmental impact"-minimized plastics are intended to fall apart into their components faster than "bad" plastics.
    17. You mean like tree sap? XD

      Also, hobbywhelmed has a point... but actually my family has been playing around with that new plastic, testing out how those "compostable" food containers degrade... and we haven't actually been able to get them to. Even after like a year in the compost heap, they still look exactly like regular plastic. We just heard that they only degrade effectively in the high heat generated by a landfill, so maybe this ringdoll plastic is the same. And from what I hear you don't really want to be exposing BJDs to high heat anyway, right?
      Maybe to be safe though, it would be best not to get one if you live in TOO hot and humid a climate.
    18. This. Thank you for saving me the time.
      As far as we can tell this is just UV protected french resin. If they did create it to make a small environmental impact, it likely will indeed degrade faster when it does finally begin to degrade.

      For those of you buying the dolls, you'll still want to avoid UV radiation (sun, florescent lights, etc) and heat. UV protect is helpful, but french resin will still age more quickly and more unattractively than urethane due to the semi-translucency.
    19. That doesn't quite match the description Nightmoon posted though. They said it was anti-yellowing (you know, supposedly..) and does French resin have a unique smell? (I haven't actually gotten the chance to smell it, but I've never heard of it having a fragrance..)
    20. Does French resin, or Canadian resin or whatever, feel different too? Ringdoll says it feels like real skin but I can't really believe that.

      Nah, I'm gonna keep 'em ^^ that is, if they haven't yellowed horribly by then... they're not like PVC window frames you know!