EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. I think the new dolls are gorgeous...the body reminds me a bit of the Iplehouse EID body. The dolly with the blond wig on will be a must-have for me- her face is very unique and well-made ^////^
    2. I'm so excited that they start their own website ^^. It'll definitely make a lot easier to order their dolls again and less hectic...I'm soooooooo happy now ^^ and for them.
    3. Wow---this is fantastic news! I love my half-elf, and from what I can see of the new body------looks like she fixed some of the quirks. I love how the face and body are more mature. This will go to the top of my "want" list. Any idea on the cost yet or is it still a work in progress?
    4. I'm definitely intrigued! I am loving the blond girl :)
    5. personnaly, the fact that they are so mature isn't for me.... I hope they will still sell the old dolls (because y'know, if they changed their names, maybe they will only sell new dolls too..? )
    6. I hope she continues to offer the older bodies too. I love the new one, it looks gorgeous, but the old one was so different looking...
    7. I may have to save up and get one of these new ladies when the site is open! I love the way the new bodies looks and oh so love the new faces!
    8. I really loved her Leda and 1/6 scale girls, so I really hope she can get her old molds and continue casting them, too. All of her dolls are too lovely!

      I hope she make it possible to order if you don't understand Korean. :sweat
    9. Oh, so Limhwa is willing to sell directly to people now? Awesome! I hope she makes Heartbreak boy someday....points to Avatar. I also hope she doesn't abandon her older sclupts too. I wonder what the reason is behind the name change.
    10. I love the new bodies....!!! I always thought the older bodies were too skinny.
      I must have one...or two...or three......... :-)
    11. The name change is likely some licensing junk with DollFair after it's collapse. Bimong changed names to Bimong's Atelier from Narin Doll when he set up his own personal store, too.

      I'm just happy DollFair didn't eat Limhwa up after it failed.
    12. Ellanie: Agreed, totally! My mom (bookdreamer22) has a beautiful Limwha Mano boy, and I'm thrilled that Limwha will be reborn from the ashes of the Dollfair fiasco. They're too good a company to crumble. I hope they come out with some new boys... ^_^
    13. I agree. Both Bimong and Limwha create beautiful dolls and they are too good a company to crumble. Im so very happy that the horrible mess with Catrina didn't rob them of a future when it comes to creating their beautiful dolls.
    14. I wish Limhwa the best of luck with this, although things must be pretty bad for her to have to start a new company. An established brand name is worth so much, and unlike Bimong and Narin dolls, she isn't splitting from the manufacturer just the distributor. Luckily, Limhwa's dolls are so beautiful that I think people will still want them-- maybe even more people, assuming they are easier to get than in the past.

      I think there's still an awful lot we have yet to learn about the Dollfair debacle.
    15. I know I'll want another one of Limhwa's beautiful girls, be it the new version(s) or the old! I love my Luna's gorgeous bod (especially her legs), but I would love for her to be more poseable since now she pretty much can only stand there and look pretty ;)
    16. Does look like a new body, not much different, bigger breasts for sure. Only a slight picture though. Good for the artist, I hope she does well.
    17. The new body looks like it doesn't have those annoying little hip lip thingies (or whatever they're called) which is great for sitting at least :cheer

      ETA: I just noticed that the torso joint is different which will probably help with the leaning the older bods did without sueding!
    18. *squints* I can't get a good enough look at the hands to tell -- it almost looks like a Limhwa-sculpted head on an IpleHouse EID body. Does anyone read Korean to be able to know what the captions say?

      (NOT in any way saying the body is a copy or anything like it -- it's also reminiscent of Unoa Zero in terms of the chest joint, but it's definitely bigger in the hips -- just wondering if they're new head sculpts but the artist is putting them on another body for her own purposes.)

      Only curious because it'd be good to know before getting into speculation as to whether or not this is a new Limhwa/EOSdoll body type! :)

      -- A <3
    19. Ahhhhh I'm excited because I want a ToYou Sara again... and I certainly don't want to deal with DollFair x-x